A special offer for the regular contributors on here.


Regular readers may well remember this article from three years ago which included a cartoon drawn by former City winger Tony Pickrell of the 1961/62 Cardiff City squad he was a member of.

Speaking as someone who I’m fairly sure was the least talented pupil my old art master ever had the misfortune to teach, I’ve always had a lot of respect for and been very envious of someone with the sort of talent that Tony displayed in that drawing of his.

The piece mentions Tony’s son, Adrian, who is a regular contributor to the Feedback Section which has become such an important part of the blog. I was aware that Adrian was also a gifted artist, but had never seen any of his work until, in his response to these caricatures of four current and recent City players by Super Ted creator Mike Young, he sent me a couple of cartoons of a pair who he called “City greats” (his words, not mine I must emphasise!).

Here they are in all of their glory;-

Dai Wooosnam422

Paul Evans421 (1)

Now, before any of you start scratching your heads trying to recognise these two “City greats”, I’ll tell you that the first picture is of Dai Woosnam, who has probably posted the highest number of replies by any individual to my articles since the blog started in 2009, and the one below is of my good self.

Both Dai and I have remarked that Adrian has been very diplomatic when it comes to our waist measurements, but, speaking for myself, I’d say he’s got me down to a tea otherwise – I suppose, to be hypercritical, he’s given me a bit more hair than he should have done, but I’ve no problem whatsoever with that!

I’m truly grateful to Adrian for his wonderful gesture and told him I was honoured to be the subject of one of his cartoons – I know Dai feels much the same as well.

The good news for other regular contributors to the Feedback Section is that, in one of his e-mails to me, Adrian said “it would also be quite amusing to have the other regular commenters cartooned”.

Adrian has said that there will be a charge to anyone interested in taking up his offer to cover his expenses on things like ink and postage, but says it will be “modest”.

One other thing, Adrian put Dai and I in the kits he thought best reflected our tastes as portrayed in our writing on the blog, so Dai is in a kit that would have been worn by Danny Malloy and I’m wearing a Peter King – other categories he’s mentioned he would be able to work with are Trevor Ford, Phil Dwyer, Dave Jones or Russell Slade, so could anyone who takes up Adrian’s offer let him know which kit they would like him to put them in.

Can anyone interested in having their caricature done e-mail Adrian at


with their name, address, a photo of themselves and their kit preference and, hopefully, they can then feature in a “rogue’s gallery” to be posted on here on a future date!




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4 Responses to A special offer for the regular contributors on here.

  1. Russell says:

    I am in impressed by Adrians images and very keen to have one commissioned. Would be fun to have them as aviators on this blog.
    Never realized how handsome you folks were until these published depictions appeared.

  2. Dai Woosnam says:

    Immensely grateful to Adrian for hiding the scar on my head with my ever-present hat !! What a skill he has!
    And you mention his late dad’s similar talent at capturing someone’s VERY ESSENCE just by taking a pencil for a walk. (A great phrase is that …not mine alas, stole it as it flashed across the gap between my right and left ears, 25 seconds ago.)
    Yes, it is gives the lie to my theory that talent/tastes often jump a generation….that is to say that a vicar will occasionally have a daughter who becomes a lap dancer, but she in turn will give her dad a grandson who will become a ..
    …(wait for it)…
    …a VICAR !!

    I see one WoL. blogger is suggesting Neil Warnock as next boss.
    I shall put the following para into Warnockese.

    I think him rather good, me…and such a move would bring him that much closer to his home just over the border in Cornwall. But I do not think, me, that there is a hope in hell… fthe qualities required desideratum.include a YOUNG manager. And he is happy at Rotherham…and he is far too old I reckon me, for City.
    And as someone a year or two his senior, matron says it is time for my sieata !!

  3. The other Bob Wilson says:

    “Taking a pencil for a walk”, that’s a lovely phrase Dai – my pencil used to take one step, then trip over and break it’s leg when I took it for a walk!
    That could have been Neil Warnock himself talking! I can remember giving my opinion of the man on here in a piece I wrote after a controversial match with his Crystal Palace side a couple of months after the blog began in 2009 and it’s not really changed since then – he did tremendously well in getting Rotherham to stay up mind and he knows this division inside out, but he’s not for me and, anyway, it’s now looking very much as if the new man is already employed by City.
    Maybe Dai can tell us how he manages to get that photo of himself to appear on all of his messages Russell, because I’ve not got a clue how it’s done – good to hear you are going to ask Adrian to do a cartoon of yourself, I hope a few more of the regulars do as well.

  4. Dai Woosnam says:

    Good morning.
    Re your final sentence: I have not a clue either!
    And for at least 8 months I have been trying to change it !!
    To no avail.
    I have gone to Hotmail settings, and changed it there. Changed it similarly at Skype and About Me.
    But I’m blowed if I can change it on CCMaY.
    If any computer geek reading this can advise, I would be ever so grateful, for different reasons to Paul.
    I now seek the anonymity of the avatar.
    Mind you, Adrian’s sublime caricature of me would not go amiss with my ego…he has hidden my morbid obesity, which developed when I moved to the fish and chips capital of Britain.

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