Six decades of Cardiff City v Bristol City matches.


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  1. Russell says:

    Thanks Paul, I didn’t get to the game as I’m enjoying a very sunny Cornish holiday . At first when it was badly booked I found myself feeling very disappointed I was missing the home opener , which is always a good event , now , well the Cornish sun ,ale and pasties sound a mite more enticing .

    I do feel the club currently sits in a slumber, it’s like a post premiership depression has enveloped the club. Think the owners are right to cut their cloth accordingly however there are things you can do with less money , such as use youth and enthusiasm , spend money on developing young talent,upgrade your scouting system , bring good quality loans and finally manage effectively within your means .

    My worry is we don’t look like doing any of the above , and apologies for this and I do hope I’m wrong perhaps Slade should have had more time as Trollope is an equally unknown and untested manager at this level.

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