Six decades of Cardiff City v Fulham matches.


Six questions about the team we’re playing tomorrow with the answers to be put on here in the next day or so.

60s. This Fulham team group from early in this decade contains five players who were capped at full international level by England, can you name them?

Fulham AFC 2

2. This picture from an FA Cup tie between Exeter City and Manchester United in 1969 features two players who went on to play for Fulham in the 70s – one of them should be instantly recognisable, but the other one only had a short spell with the Craven Cottage club while on loan to them, who is he and what links him to Pele in a Fulham context?

Fulham afc 1

80s. The player on the floor in this photo being given a helping hand by Spurs’ Graham Roberts was a big money signing for us (by the standards of that particular time in our history at least!), who was part of a losing City team against Fulham during this decade, do you recognise him?

Fulham afc 3

90s. Late in this decade, this man played twice for us against Fulham and we lost by the same score in both matches, do you know who he is?

Fulham AFC 4

00s. Name this mainstay of the Fulham team which achieved the club’s highest ever league finish during this decade.

Fulham afc 5

10s. Who is this?


That lovable and popular former Fulham manager Felix Magath.



60s. Bobby Robson (second from left back row), George Cohen (third from right back row), Jim Langley (second from right back row), Rodney Marsh (second from left front row) and Johnny Haynes (second from right front row).

70s. George Best is being challenged by Alan Pinkney, a University graduate who played twelve “proper” games for Fulham while on loan from Crystal Palace during the 1972/73 season. However. I daresay he’s best remembered now by Fulham fans for something he did in a friendly game – on 12 March 1973, he scored the equaliser as Fulham came back after falling behind to a Pele goal to beat Santos 2-1.

80s. Graham Withey – he was playing for Coventry when that photo was taken.

90s. Lee Phillips.

00s. John Paintsil – Fulham finished seventh in the Premier League in 2008/09.

10s. That lovable and popular former Fulham manager Felix Magath.


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3 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Fulham matches.

  1. Clive Harry says:

    Couple of scrappy answers from me as usual!
    90’s is Lee Phillips.
    60’s I can see Bobby Robson, Johnny Haynes, George Cohen. I might have got the other two if I was on my PC not my phone!

  2. Clive Harry says:

    60’s – Guessing the other two as Jim Langley and Roy Bentley.

  3. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Your 90s answer is right Clive. As for the 60s, Robson, Haynes, Cohen and Langley are correct – the one you’ve not got returned to play for Fulham more than ten years after that photo was taken.

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