Six decades of Cardiff City v Leeds United matches.


Six questions about lovable Leeds United – the answers to follow tomorrow.

60s. The man on the left of this picture averaged a goal every two and a half matches during a career which began in the late 50s and ended in the early 70s, but when he left Leeds in 1967, his record with them and his first club was better than a goal every other game, can you name him?


70’s. Apart from a short spell with a club even further to the north right at the end of his 17 year professional career, this midfield man spent all of his time in the game playing for Yorkshire clubs. Signed from a club called West End F.C. (they also produced a player with the surname Beer who played league football). he started at Leeds in the middle of this decade and was probably one of very few in those early sides he played in who never won a full international cap – who is he?


80s. Name these three Leeds players from this decade.


90s. This full back started his career at Leeds half way through this decade and has only recently retired from playing duty. He won 10 caps for his country and spent his career playing for a variety of clubs on opposite sides of Hadrian’s Wall, including a pair of bitter capital city rivals – the picture is of him playing for his last club where he is still employed as a coach, but who is he?


00s. Despite being at Leeds for nearly three years in the middle of this decade, the attacking midfield player photographed never played for them against us (the closest he got was when he was once an unused sub), but it was reported at the time that Leeds had pipped us to his signature when he signed for them on a Bosman. Capped twenty four times for his country, his only goal for them came in a win over Italy, can you tell me his name?


10s. Name this scorer for Leeds against us last season.




60s. Jim Storrie.

70s. Welshman Gwyn Thomas, who went on to play for Barnsley, Hull and Carlisle after leaving Leeds – West End FC is a Swansea club that also features ex Swansea and Exeter striker Alan Beer among it’s former players.

80s. From left, Aidan Butterworth, Kevin Herd and John Sheridan.

90s. Alan Maybury – he played for both Hearts and Hibs.

00s. Gylfi Einarsson.

10s. Souleymane Doukara




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One Response to Six decades of Cardiff City v Leeds United matches.

  1. Dai Woosnam says:

    Dear Paul,
    Just watched this game at home here in Grimsby on SKY SPORTS.
    Would be thinking of asking for my money back, were it not for the fact it was a Month’s SPORTS PASS for free.
    Still appalled at the quality of the Cardiff display. Just heard Trolls say in his post-match Sky interview that his team were “unlucky”?

    Eh? So they hit the post twice…what does he want …a MEDAL ?

    Not one player deserved more than a five out of ten…maybe the keeper was worth a six, and perhaps Whitts.

    Senseless square passing between the back four…which nearly cost a goal around the half hour mark when Connolly was too nonchalant for his own good.
    And when they did get the ball forward, it was invariably swallowed-up by the Leeds defence.

    Lambert could be overtaken by a reasonably fit hedgehog, but that said, it is a nonsense to leave him upfield on his own, against two central defenders who Cardiff made to look like Leicester’s (EPL title winning) Huth and Morgan from last season.

    Had Trolls decided to stay with three at the back, that would have allowed him to play with two up front. But with Ralls, Noone, Pilkington and Gunnarson quite anonymous, only Whitts seemed to have any impact at all on the game. So there was nobody up there to support Lambert and get the two Leeds central defenders to put out their cigars and change out their of dressing gowns and carpet slippers.

    As for the penalty, it was a guaranteed cert, if only for the incident a minute before, when Gary Monk appealed vociferously for one to the Fourth Official. And that told me EVERYTHING. Monk is streetwise, whereas Trollope is wet behind the ears.

    My mind went back to that play-off game the best part of a decade ago now, when Reading’s Matt Mills threw himself to the ground when our Israeli tugged him back.
    Why do no City players do this, especially with the new directive on holding this season?
    Yet not one Cardiff player thought of throwing himself to the ground when they were collectively manhandled during the several corner kicks/attacking free kicks of the first half. The fellow from Bristol City (Ayling?) seemed to be auditioning for a role in WWE…correction… please strike that and make it MMA…such was the severity of his wild tackle on Richards (?) that got him a deserved yellow. And I kept thinking during the first half, if only these set plays were at the other end, Leeds players would be diving to the ground as soon as they were touched.
    And so it proved.

    Then let’s look at this chap Morrison. Was it the Grinning Kamikaze who paid nearly £5m for him? An extraordinary waste of money. He is a specialist in the art of back- pedalling. If running backwards was an Olympic sport (and God knows why it isn’t, given some of the bizarre things they include in the Olympics these days), then he would definitely take gold.
    Why was he retreating for the second Leeds goal? Get out there man, and tackle the fellow! Don’t let him get to the edge of the area and allow him to shoot !
    Dear me! If fans can see this flaw in a player, why cannot our coach? No point in expecting Lennie to tell him, as Lennie should have been sacked immediately after the QPR game at the Millennium and that fortunate 1-0 Play Off final win, in extra time.
    Folk here in Grimsby were amazed that Cardiff took him on in the first place, within days of him being sacked at Blundell Park.

    No, our friend Morrison is not a central defender, but he might make a centre forward, as long as he is up front in a two, and not alone like poor Lambert was in this game.

    We are going to need a miracle. I am hoping that our Mr Barry Cole can have a Damascene conversion, and maybe start a ginger group aimed at getting Mr Russell Slade back from The Valley.

    I have nothing against Trolls: he seems a affable enough fellow. But that said, it comes to something when our manager makes Gary Monk seem the man with charisma. By contrast, our man seems to possess char-ISN’T-ma.

    I am rather downcast right now. And I fear this is a relegation season.

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