Six decades of Cardiff City v Huddersfield Town matches.


Six more questions on upcoming opponents, I’ll post the answers on here on Saturday.

60s. Who is this?


70s. There are two England and two Wales senior internationals in this picture from early in this decade, who are they?


80s. Cohen Griffith scored twice on his City debut in a 3-2 win over Huddersfield at Leeds Road in October 1989 when we picked up an overdue first league victory of the season, who were the other two players who made their first appearances for us that day?

90s. Who were the two Welshmen who made it into a Huddersfield team of the nineties selection by supporters of the club?

00s. Another debut question, which full international made his first City appearance in a 1-0 defeat at Huddersfield during this decade?

10s. Who is this member of the last Huddersfield team to face City?



60s. Bob McNab.

70s. The Welsh players are Dick Krzywicki (second from left, back row) and Ray Mielczarek (third from right, back row). Trevor Cherry (middle of the back row) and Frank Worthington (fifth from left, front row) are the players who went on to play for England.

80s. Gavin Ward and Leigh Barnard.

90s. Steve Jenkins and Barry Horne.

00s. Alan Mahon.

10s. Jed Steer.


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