Ridsdale – “an initial investment in the next few weeks”.

CoymayDuring the half time interval at yesterday’s game, Peter Ridsdale confirmed on national television that Malaysian businessman  Dato Chan Tien Ghee had agreed to an “an initial investment” in Cardiff City football club. With our Chairman also saying;

“We have around £20m of debt and I’m hoping that, whether it be through the new investment we’re going to get or whether it be through other financial means, we will be able to write that off by the end of 2010,”

then things are beginning to look more promising on the financial front.

Of course, there’s many a slip between cup and lip and all that and, until we have more detail,  it’s too early to be getting too excited yet, but, there is just a chance that, for the first time in decades probably, Cardiff City could soon be in rude health on and off the pitch at the same time!

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