Pity the poor children.

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  1. TDA says:

    I only listened to the commentary on iFollow, but it seemed a pretty laboured effort all round. I appreciate that you are looking at things from a fitness point of view, but it is interesting that WalesOnline had Lee Tomlin (someone of questionable match fitness) as Man of the Match, but he doesn’t actually rate a mention in your summary.

  2. Russell says:

    Thanks Paul like you I wear a proud badge of going to the City at an earlier age and the wonderment of that experience which has stuck with me over the years. I’m sure the dad of those two lads will try and guide them back , however unlike in our times, youngsters have easier options and temptations to watch a higher end marketed TV solution from the sofa which let’s be fair effects adults and attendances .

    The game I felt was an opportunity to showcase a few developments players , however Warnock appeared to use the game to run off injuries and give others like Pilk’s , Patterson and Richards a run , which you can understand, I think were in a real pickle .

    The game I thought ran true with huff and puff from an in form side, versus a struggling City side ,with City trying to get players back from Injury and gaining lost confidence .

    In my view any in form side , from any league will test or beat oppostion above them in the FA Cup , its thier final, a spscual day for the fans , you can see evidence from yesterday’s giantkilling events and of those over the years ,so perhaps there was a positive from yezterdays game.

    The Sunderland game is an intriguing one for both sides , both struggling , early kick off , TV viewing so nowhere to hide, plenty to showcase and prove for some .

    We are desperate for new faces and impetus, and as you say reinstatement if our pace which got us to the place we are now.

    We’re still 3rd ,we can make the play offs in my view, however it will be an uphill season from now on .

  3. Anthony O'Brien says:

    It grieves me to spell it out, but Zohore — as I have said virtually from the beginning — is never going to be the answer to Cardiff’s striking problems. How many times have we seen him get his head to (or even TRY to get his head to) corner kicks, long throws, free kicks, or crosses into the five-yard box? I think the answer is somewhere below one. He has always been a one-trick pony who can be pushed over easily by defenders (who, incidentally, have now found him out). Unless he is running onto a ball slid through to his left hand side by a creative Cardiff player (if there actually is such a player) he has little else to offer. Make of that what you will, and of its implications. Even if I feel ashamed at kicking a man when he’s down, I also feel compelled to say what I have to say.

    I have just come back from a short holiday in Benidorm, and have only just caught up with Adrian Lloyd Pickrell’s comments on the winter break enjoyed by German teams such as Schalke. By coincidence, the Schalke team was actually in Benidorm last week on a warm-weather training schedule. Lots of supporters were also there. In the light of Cardiff’s injury problems and the proliferation of games at this time of the year, maybe a winter break would do British teams some good. Let me stop there. Apologies for a pie in the sky suggestion. In the end, money talks and bugger the weather.

  4. Jeff Blight says:

    Cheers for the summary Paul, it’s alarming that so many of the players have lost form, hopefully the anticipated new recruits will improve the teams energy and confidence levels.

    I didn’t see the game due to family commitments but the fact that you made no mention of the enigma that is Tomlin speaks volumes, a major disappointment in our season to date.

    At least the rot has been stopped and the bonus of a clean sheet and the return of the captain surely no coincidence.

  5. Clive Harry says:

    Just listened to NW on the radio and he was actually rather upbeat about yesterday’s game and the general situation, presumably because of the return of Richards and Morrison and the resulting clean sheet. I can understand that point of view and hope this gives Richards a run in the team and a chance to make the rb/rwb position his own rather than being played on the left as he was frequently before his injury. I wasn’t there yesterday but, as a Development Squad watcher, I’m as puzzled as you Paul at Healey being stuck out on the wing. As ever, the team sheet for tomorrow’s U23 game at home to Millwall will be interesting with presumably the first 15 minutes being spent looking up who on earth some of the players are (that’s actually been one of the more interesting aspects of the last few U23 games!).
    On a non City note, I’ve heard speculation this morning that Mark Hughes is now available for the Wales job. There are no horrified face emojis on here but I’d use one now if there was!
    Finally, my first City game was a 3-2 home win over Derby County in October 1957. City’s scorers will obviously spring immediately to mind for most of you but just in case they don’t, they were Gerry Hitchens, Ron Hewitt, and Brian ‘Daisy’ Walsh. Not a bad threesome considering it wasn’t a good season.

  6. HarryKirtley'sGhost says:

    Clive is right in saying that 1957-8 was a fairly drab season for City, but who can ever forget the events of Dec 27th 1957…?
    I was right down behind the goal in the boys’ enclosure, and saw all 5 City goals enter the net just 8 yards in front of me. Tommy Younger Liverpool’s Scottish international goalie had a “Weston Super”…
    It remains the most exhilarating half of football I ever saw. And I was only ten years old at the time.
    My first game was a home defeat against the Arsenal in April (I think) 1956.

  7. MIKE HOPE says:

    Before the Mansfield game I hoped that Zohore and NML would both play to improve their match fitness and confidence after their injuries.
    Having watched their inept performances I now believe that ,whether they are still carrying injuries ,or whether it is a loss of form and confidence they are too much of a liability to be risked against Sunderland.
    I agree with Anthony’s comments about Zohore’s no-show in the heading contests and also about the kind of pass where he can and has been devastating.
    We do have the player who can deliver this pass-the much maligned Tomlin.
    Tomlin started sloppily on Saturday with misplaced passes but he grew into the game and lasted the 90 minutes as well as anyone.
    He was easily our best attacking player(not much to ask mind!)and produced moments of quality rarely seen recently at CCS.This included one fiercely struck shot on target which suggested he should let fly more often.
    I don’t know how hard Tomlin trains or how his community service affects this but it will certainly improve our promotion hopes if Warnock is able to make full use of the qualities that he can bring to the team.

  8. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thanks for the replies everyone. A few of you mention Lee Tomlin, I think it was a bit harsh of me not to comment on him at all and so I’ll take advantage of the opportunity you’ve given me – in many ways, I agree with what Mike Hope says. I thought Tomlin was patchy on Saturday, as always seems to be the case with him, it took him a while to get into the game and I was not impressed when, on what may well have been the first occasion when he had possession of the ball, he fell dramatically to the ground for what seemed to me to be a blatant dive. However, I agree that, as the game went on, he became our best hope by some distance of coming up with something to enable us to break the deadlock despite the fact that, from memory, he wasn’t really involved in the two or three moves when we came closest to scoring. Still, he made a better case than most involved for inclusion against Sunderland and he didn’t seem to be flagging too much in the closing stages – things might change if we sign this mystery midfielder, but I would expect him to start on Saturday.
    Regarding some of the comments on Kenneth Zohore, if the plan is just to look for our target man with balls played into the air, then, yes, we could do better than him – the name Matt Smith came up last week and I’d guarantee that, with our goalkeepers, seemingly, under instructions to kick the ball either towards our striker or Mendez-Laing every time he has the ball, he would win far more headers from them than Zohore does, but, if we are talking about “one trick ponies, I’d say Smith is much more of one than our centre forward, who has had to play four and a bit games first team games in a fortnight since recovering from an injury that kept him out for more than two months, is.

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