I’m starting a subscription list for the blog.

The feedback from my piece on the Norwich game contained a request that I make the latest entries on here available on subscription – I made enquiries about this after someone else asked the same question earlier in the year and didn’t take it any further.

However, I’ve now decided that, if there is sufficient demand, I will offer a mail list service whereby subscribers receive the latest entries on here by e-mail as they are published.

So, if you are interested in subscribing to this service, can you e-mail me at paul.evans8153@hotmail.com with your name and e-mail address please.

As I’m learning as I go along here, it’ll be akin to the blind leading the blind for a while and I daresay there’ll be various cock ups along the way, but, hopefully, we’ll eventually have a fully functioning mailing list for this blog!

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17 Responses to I’m starting a subscription list for the blog.

  1. Barry Cole says:

    Paul just back from Bruges but managed to listen to the match of two halves. Would loved to have been a fly on the wall at half time.
    Your blog keeps me in touch with the team and thoughts of the fans so please add me to the list of subscribers. The journeys from Blackpool to Cardiff by train are now beginning to tire me out so maybe my trips will start to reduce to what I consider are the main games. My home games are the away games in the north so I will still be attending these. I won’t let my season ticket go though.
    My years on the railway have paid dividends with my free travel backwards and forwards but there is a lot of delays around the Cardiff area at the moment which doesn’t help.
    Anyway my email address is barry@lcboats.co.uk , look forward to hearing from you

  2. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Just added your details to the list Barry.
    I take it you’ll be at Bolton then just before Christmas – that’s our only afternoon kick off before the holiday period isn’t it.

  3. Jeff Blight says:

    Hi Paul

    I would like to be included on the subscription list please. Email jeffblight@yahoo.co.uk.


    Jeff Blight

  4. Colin Phillips says:

    Inlude me in please, Paul.


  5. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Just done it Colin and Phil – thanks.

  6. BJA says:

    Paul – Happy to be on your list.


  7. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Just done it BJA – thanks.

  8. Barry Cole says:

    Yes pencilled the Bolton match in my diary from day one , taking my son with me and maybe he will see a winning team rather than his mediocre spurs lol

  9. Rob Kent says:

    Please add me to the list

  10. Jason says:

    Hi Paul,
    I would like to subscribe.

  11. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Just done it Rob and Jason – thanks.

  12. Gavin jones says:

    Yes please

  13. Robert jones says:


  14. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Just done it Robert and Gavin – thanks.

  15. paul rabone says:

    Please add me. Ta

  16. paul thomas says:

    could I subscribe please

  17. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Just done it Paul – thanks.

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