A marvelous night courtesy of the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust.

Bobby Woodruff (left) was one of the guests last night at a great end of season event put on by the Cardiff City Supporters' Trust.

This could well be the shortest entry ever on here, but I thought I just had to say a thank you to those responsible for a great night at the Duke of Clarence pub in Canton last night where the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust held an end of season party themed around the fortieth anniversary of the win over Real Madrid in 1971. So, thanks very much to Don Murray, Gary Bell, Leighton Phillips, Bobby Woodruff and Steve Derrett for sharing some of their, very entertaining, memories of that night, football in the 60’s and 70’s and their thoughts on some current football issues with us (in the unlikely event of any of you reading this, I hope you enjoyed it as much as the audience seemed to). Thanks to Rob Phillips for hosting the talk with the players so well, to Tim Hartley for his very good quiz (even though my team were very definitely in the mid table mediocrity category!), to Tracey Marsh for all the hard work she put in organising the event and to Eric Harmer and family and the staff of the Duke of Clarence for putting on the food, drink and excellent service.

I’ll finish with an advert for the Trust – if you want to learn more about it, visit it’s website at http://www.ccfctrust.org/ and if that convinces you that you’d like to become a member, the different ways by which you can join are at http://www.ccfctrust.org/?page_id=223 .




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