Weekly review 18/6/17.

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8 Responses to Weekly review 18/6/17.

  1. Colin Phillips says:

    Thanks for the update, Paul, good to hear that Kadeem is staying and I would love to think that Manga will be playing for us next season.

    Still no whispers about a mid-fielder?

  2. Russell says:

    Thanks Paul for the weekly review, a tour of Devon is tempting not just for the glory of seeing our holiday tanned lads, and Neil’s beaming white teeth,the Devon and Cornwall ales are a delight .

    The home kit us a cracker and suggests humility the away kit however is dreadful and it’s main benefit, can only be for long ball identification tactics.

    Camp is a good proper championship warrior who I think will boss the penalty area, as you say 32 is nothing in keeper years , however I do wonder if Etheridge is the one with the talent from reading reviews.

    I still think we will sign Ward , or the Southampton , do need a box to box midfield player though .

    We also have that winger signed whose name has slipped me

    Nice one Paul .

  3. BJA says:

    Paul – Once again a splendid review and, like yourself, would have preferred white shorts with the blue top. As far as the second kit is concerned, not bothered either way about the lime green but this kit does have white shorts!! Strange that.
    No surprise that Mr.Camp has joined us, I believe we all knew that was going to happen.
    And I look forward to learning who we will sign this week, Ward or Gallagher or ????. According to reports, we are close to obtaining a signature.
    But the really good news will be if Bruno decides to stay with us. If, as Mr.Choo states, we are close to an agreement, let’s get it done.Whether that means we may off-load Morison and make a firm offer for Heneghan ( Norwich are also interested ) then that will put more cash in our coffers.
    What I have not heard are any whispers about Messrs. Noone, John and Pilkington. And what is young Kennedy’s situation? If clubs are hoping to sort their squads out well before the start of the season I would have expected at least one of that quartet to be on the move.
    Finally, I believe our Kenneth may be appearing for the Danish U 21s this afternoon. I await favourable reports on his performance.

  4. Geoff Lewis says:

    Thanks Paul,
    Another good review. I was hoping that white shorts and socks would happen and a hint of yellow in the shirt.Camp not a surprise, but I was not aware he has been injured since last November!
    Not sure who the next striker will be. Do we need another midfielder, there are plenty on the books Gunnarsson, Ralls, Huws,Okeefe and Sol Bamba(if Manga signs a new contract he and Morrison as our centre backs). Winger we have Mendez from Rochdale and not forgetting Kennedy, he has impressed me when I saw him play a few times for us.
    See what happens in the next few weeks

  5. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Morning everyone, thanks for your responses. Concerning a possible midfield signing Colin, Neil Warnock mentions something in this podcast


    which only lasts about fifteen minutes.

    Russell, we’ll have to agree to disagree on the away kit. The winger we’ve signed is Nathaniel Mendez-Laing




    BJA, Warnock says he’s happy with our defensive options, so, provided Manga stays, I’d be surprised if we would be looking centrebacks, but Henenghan might be the player we go for if we lose any one of Manga, Bamba, Morrison or Connolly this summer, but I think clubs would have to up their bids a couple of million from Sheffield Wednesday’s if they are hoping to get our captain.Regarding the players we’re looking to sell, I would have thought we’d be looking for a fee for the three you mention, but, depending on how much we spend, we may be in a position where we are desperate to get them off our wage bill come late August – in that case, sides may be thinking that we’ll hang on for a while in the hope that we might get them a lot cheaper. or maybe even for nothing.
    I see Zohore came on as a sub in Denmark’s 2-0 defeat by Italy.

  6. Adrian Lloyd Pickrell says:

    I always get rather excited when the new strip appears too, even though the last one I actually bought was in 1999 (the Modplan one). I like the home one, the simpler the better if you ask me, I would be happy with a blue T-shirt and white shorts…. there you go, “white shorts” they would give our on field appearance a touch more class. I have never been particulary bothered about away strips.
    So there are going to be a few new faces this coming season then, and a few familier ones gone. But surely…we cannot make a worse start than we did last season can we?
    So I am hopeful… as usual.

  7. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thanks for your replies Adrian and Geoff. I don’t think you’ll ever see the words “Breaking News” appear on here again, but, in case you’ve not seem them yet Adrian, here are the newly announced fixtures for next season


    doesn’t look too bad a start to me.

    Geoff, it’s looking increasingly likely that Danny Ward is the new striker.

  8. Michael Spear says:

    Not a fan of the new home kit Paul. But I quite like the away one. Like many, would have been nice to have had white shorts with home kit. As for signings, quite happy up to now, especially Danny Ward. Would like to see a pacey creative midfielder come in though.

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