Very significant victory keeps City first team in top two as Under 18s extend winning run.

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3 Responses to Very significant victory keeps City first team in top two as Under 18s extend winning run.

  1. Jeff Blight says:

    Enjoyable summary as always Paul. Perhaps 5 at the back away from home is how we should set up from here, especially against the stronger teams. Makes the most of the three quality centre backs we have.

    At home we need to be more adventurous against teams who park the bus.

    Would be interested to hear your views on the conundrum that is Tomlin and if he can be incorporated into the team.

  2. Russell says:

    Thanks Paul great news all round for the City ,especially pleasing to hear then under 18,s comtinue there good form .

    I thought the win at Boro was huge on many levels , proof the teams spirit and fight is alive and well , we can win without big players, the manager knows how to raise the bar after defeat , we heard a well fancied team in the top 6 six again, and that puts us in the frame for promotion.

    I can’t see this side or any Warnock side having a poor run of consecutive losses ,therefore we will be in the mix now come end of the season with the points we have in the bag,just need to watch the 6th place position points gap and keep it healthy .

    I thought after Brum game NW would have to play Bamba and Manga at the back, felt Zohore and Gunners needed a rest ,and “” wow “” they both pick up late injuries, the chances on that coincidence is unbelievable?

    Though Tomlin would play , his continued non use does suggest his head maybe not right or Warnock us worried about the outcomes of the court case , I do wonder if the club / manager knew how seroius his alleged assault charge us or the potential outcome ?

    Cant wait to see Patterson add his value to the team .

    Looking at the highlights I thought we could have won 3-0 .

    Finally I am beginning think I was wrong about the keeper , he is developing game by game .

  3. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thanks both for your replies. Jeff, I’ve always believed playing with three centrebacks can be a a positive, attacking move. If we were to play with proper wing backs in home games, then I believe we could see a more attacking approach than we do now – Paterson and Bennett (as well as Jazz Richards) have it in them to take on such a role, but would we play with both wing backs and wingers? This to me is the main argument against playing an attacking 3-5-2 under Neil Warnock’s management – he likes his wingers too much to contemplate playing without them (I’d be surprised if we ever played with wing backs and wingers, because they’d could well end up getting in each other’s way.
    As for Tomlin, there’s probably been an acceptance of his non inclusion every week because of the Court case – I think there’d be a lot more questions being asked without it. If the Court case is a factor in his non selection, then we are in for another month or so of Tomlin on the bench at least, because I understand his case was adjourned until 20 November on Friday.
    Warnock himself has said he believes it’s hard to get Tomlin into the starting line up if you are also plating a striker and two wingers. I suppose the best way to do that would be to play 4-2-3-1, but three attacking midfielders would all have to do their stint of defensive work and maybe Warnock thinks Tomlin would fall down on that part of his job?
    Russell, I think we’ll have poor spells along the way, but I agree with you to the extent that I can see us still being able to grind out draws, and the occasional win, when we aren’t playing well. I said after the Birmingham game that I was concerned that we may be going the way of the 06/07 side, but this side has shown it’s able to beat sides at the top of the league and while we beat the two sides that gained automatic promotion during our great start eleven years ago, eventual Champions Sunderland were near the bottom of the league when we won there – there is a bigger capacity to win or draw ugly in this team compared with 06/07.
    I think a match fit Gunnarsson would always be in the starting line up under this manager, so I believe his injury is a genuine one. It’s more problematic with Zohore, because Warnock admitted to the medi that he would have been left out at Sunderland if Ward hadn’t been ill. However, the fact Warnock is saying Zohore is injured now and didn’t do for Sunderland tells me that, again there is an actual injury involved.

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