Very much a case of after the Lord Mayor’s show.

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2 Responses to Very much a case of after the Lord Mayor’s show.

  1. russell roberts says:

    Thanks Paul its great to view the development teams progression wish I could view the games ,but work,,tiredness and laziness overcomes me lol.

    Not sure opinion on O’ Keeffe Unless we a decent money offer then I would keep as a back up ,how is he playing ?

    Seems the hype around Meite is an example where you take a punt on a prospect and he is slow or wont delivery ,who knows ??

    Poyet is worth a punt I guess he must be technically gifted ?

    I would like to see more Welsh lads coming through if i’m honest ,where are they ?

  2. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Hello Russell, just one or two quick comments on what you say. First, I wouldn’t be surprised to see O’Keefe go out on loan again – if so, he wouldn’t need to move before the end of August. Second, I’m not convinced by Meite (or Poyet based on just that one game), but he has become more of an important player for the Development team this season and there is the odd sign that he is developing under day to day coaching that wasn’t really there last season, so I think he’ll have plenty more opportunities to gain himself another contract. Third, I was a little disappointed that, with Peltier not 100% fit and only going to be used if really needed, Cameron Coxe was not on the bench on Tuesday – I think he’s currently the closest of the local youngsters to making a first team breakthrough.

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