The Journey Back now available on Amazon.


Just a note to outline the current position regarding the book which went on sale on the day of the Swansea match. If you have already bought your books, then most of what follows won’t be of interest to you, but I would appreciate it very much if you could persevere to the end for reasons which will soon become clear.

To those of you who haven’t purchased a book yet and are still thinking of doing so, I can confirm that I will be at the Trust Office selling books from 2.00 to 3.45 before Sunday’s match and there will be at least one of us there from 6 to 6.30 after the game as well – we’ll almost certainly be selling before and after the Arsenal match a week tomorrow as well.
Books can also be bought on here from the PayPal link
There is now another way to buy it as well.
From this week, the book is available on Amazon.
because the position of the product on any search is based on sales, The Journey Back doesn’t currently feature when you put in search terms such as “Cardiff City”, “Cardiff City books” or “The Journey Back” – it needs to be searched as “The Journey Back Cardiff City”. Therefore we need to start selling some books on there to get it moving up the charts so to speak and one way of generating interest would be through getting some good reviews on there.
So, if you’ve got the book and have the time, would you be interested in putting a review of it on Amazon? I know I’m leaving myself open to critical as well as complimentary comments there, but, if that’s the way you feel then so be it – I’d like to think it would still help to increase the book’s profile on Amazon.
Thank you to those who managed to make it the end!
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