Six decades of Cardiff City v Wolverhampton Wanderers matches.

The usual six questions about our next opponents – I’ll post the answers on here sometime tomorrow.

60s. Can you identify any three players in this picture?

70s. This winger played around forty times for Wolves in the middle of this decade, but never managed to score for them, who is he?

80s. Name this member of a City team which beat Wolves during this decade.

90s. This centreback managed to score twice in just six appearances for his country – he only played for two clubs outside of his native land, one of them being Wolves for a spell in the mid 90s, but who is he?

00s. This player enjoyed contrasting fortunes on his two visits to Ninian Park with Wolves during this decade, can you name him?

10s. Name the Wolves player who sustained an injury in their last match against us that he has not recovered from yet.


60s. Ron Flowers and Hugh McIlmoyle are in the front, while Peter Knowles is just behind them – not sure about the others whose faces we can see.

70s. John Farley.

80s. Paul Sanderson.

90s. John De Wolf.

00s. Darron Gibson.

10s. Jordan Graham.

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9 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Wolverhampton Wanderers matches.

  1. Clive Harry says:

    Good lord, I actually knew one straight away! 80’s is Paul Sanderson.

  2. Clive Harry says:

    60’s – Ron Flowers in the middle?

  3. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Both of the answers you gave are right Clive.

  4. Dai Woosnam says:

    The great thing about that 60s picture, Paul, is the state of the pitch.

    At first I thought “Golly! To think that they are just coming back on for the second half, and the pitch is in this state after just 45 minutes!”
    But then, I looked at the evidence again.
    And figured that the mud on the face was the clue.
    This surely was after NINETY minutes, and perhaps the players were about to embark on extra time?
    My hunch is that Ron Flowers would have wiped down his face with a towel during the half time interval.
    But whatever…the startling thing here is the degree of quagmire one sees right over on the …TOUCHLINE !! Gosh…this must have been an away fixture at The Baseball Ground.
    My memories of those bad old days for groundsmen (before the advent of modern turf-laying techniques), was that although there was rarely a blade of grass to be seen in either penalty box, the one area where was there was a chance of verdant growth WAS the touchlines.
    Your comment, please Paul.

  5. Dai Woosnam says:

    Jeez…ah silly me.
    I have just realised that it is not mud on the FACE…but mud on the camera lens !!

    So it really is them taking the pitch after the halftime interval.
    I could have saved myself some unnecessary pondering !!

  6. The other Bob Wilson says:

    I agree with you Dai, even when pitches were absolute mud heaps they’d still be green out on the touchlines come April and May. In saying that, the expanse of mud and sand generally took a diamond shape on the pitch with more grass at either end of the stadium – if you walked across the pitch along the half way line, you wouldn’t be treading on much, if any, grass. I suppose this could be down to there generally being more players in the twenty yards either side of the halfway line in a typical game than you’d get out by the corner flags and on grounds where the players tunnel was on the halfway line, the grass on the touchline would certainly get plenty of “traffic” on it, so maybe even the other side of the touchline was mud in parts at some grounds. By the way, I think you could be right about the photo having been taken at the Baseball Ground, I say that not just because of the mud – that stand in the background looks like the one that was always opposite the cameras when Derby were on the telly.

  7. Simon Dooker says:

    Dave Wagstaffe to the right of Peter Knowles ? Hugh Curran between Flowers and Mcilmoyle ?

  8. David Wagstaffe to the right of Peter Knowles ? Derrick Parkin between Flowers and MciLmoyle ?.

    Does indeed look like the Baseball ground Jan/Feb time.

  9. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Good to hear from you Simon – welcome to the blog!

    This is embarrassing, but I think the answers have been written in by the person who owns the photograph is you look at it really closely! They aren’t very clear so I can’t read most of them, but I can definitely make out the “Peter” in Peter Knowles. It looks like there’s a “Dave” there, so, although it doesn’t look like Wagstaffe to me, it might well be – don’t think Derek Parkin is in the photo because, I wouldn’t have thought he had signed for them when it was taken – might be Hugh Curran though.

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