Six decades of Cardiff City v Wolverhampton Wanderers matches.

CoymayOnly five questions today on our next opponents, the answers will appear on here tomorrow morning.

60s. Two parts to this question, the player on the left of the back row in this photo of Wolves’ 1968/69 squad is a member of a famous footballing family and was better known as a goalscorer for another team which played in amber and black, do you recognise him? Also, who is the future City player in the picture?


70s and 80s. This photo consists of Wolves players who were in one of or both of their League Cup winning teams in these decades, can you name six of them?WWAFC1

90s. Name this Wolves player from this decade.


00s. Who is this member of a Wolves team, which also included Gabor Gyepes, that beat City during this decade?


10s. Which member of Wolves squad which won here last season has joined Bradford City this week?

Apologies for the delay in providing the answers!

60s. Derek Clarke, brother of Allan, Frank, Kelvin and Wayne who all played league football, who played nearly two hundred games for Oxford United, is the player in the back row and second from the left in the middle row is one time City record buy, John Farrington.

70s and 80s.  Back row (from left), Geoff Palmer, John McAlle, Barry Powell, Andy Gray, Kenny Hibbitt and Mel Eves.

Front row (from left),  Dave Wagstaffe, Willie Carr, John Richards, Phil Parkes, and Colin Brazier.

90s. Glen Crowe who was unfortunate enough to join us on loan during the 97/98 – the season of the draw.

00s. Jeremie Aliadiere.

10s. Former Newport player, Lee Evans.


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2 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Wolverhampton Wanderers matches.

  1. Dave Quarrell says:

    Derek Clarke of the famous Clarke dynasty, played for Oxford Utd.
    Don’t really know any of this squad who played for you, so I will guess Evan Williams (gk)?
    The cup winning players:- Geoff Palmer, John McAlle, Barrie Powell, Andy Gray, Ken Hibbitt, Mel Eves, Dave Wagstaffe (RIP), Willie Carr, John Richards, Phil Parkes, Colin Brazier . (Also Phil Parkes never played in either final).
    The 90’s I am stuck, I don’t recognize the player in white, is the other player Jinky smith ?

    Lee evans has gone on loan to Bradford !

  2. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Welcome to the Mauve and Yellow Army Dave and well done on getting three questions right. It was Derek Clarke and John Farrington, second from left in the middle row, was the player who went on to play for us (he was a club record buy at the time actually, but, apart from a hat trick in a 4-1 win over FA Cup holders Sunderland, he did little to justify the expense in his short stay at Cardiff).
    I’m surprised to hear Phil Parkes didn’t play in either match because he seemed to be your goalkeeper for about fifteen years – Paul Bradshaw played against Forest did he and I’m guessing it must have been Gary Pierce against Man City?
    Not surprised you didn’t get the 90s’ question because Glen Crowe didn’t play many matches for you – I only included him because he has a short loan spell with us during our awful 97/98 season. Crowe was playing for Sporting Fingal in that picture.

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