Six decades of Cardiff City v Watford matches.


All pictures this time – I’ll put the answers on here in the morning.

60s. Some ugly rag must have been mixed up in the publication of this picture of a Watford player from the 60s in action against Pele – who is the former hornet on the left?

Watford 1a

70s. Who is the opposition player in this picture of a famous Watford goal from this decade and what was the occasion?

Watford 2a

80s. Name these members of a Watford youth team from the late 80s.

watford 3a

90s. This player made nearly a hundred appearances with Watford before leaving them in 1993, he also shares his name with a City defender from the 70s, who is he?


00s. What’s the link between the person in this photo and a Watford scorer in a match against City during this decade?


10s. Who is this man and where is he working now?

watford 6a


60s. Ray Lugg.

70s. The game is Watford’s 1-0 win over Liverpool in the Quarter Final of the 1970 FA Cup, the Liverpool player in the picture is goalkeeper Tommy “the flying pig” Lawrence.

80s. Reading left to right, the players are Dean Holdsworth, Tim Sherwood, David James and David Holdsworth.

90s. Rod Thomas.

00s. Scott Fitzgerald was a scorer for Watford in their 2-1 win over City at Vicarage Road in December 2004.

10s. Billy McKinlay who was Watford’s manager for eight days earlier in the season and is now working with David Moyes at Real Sociedad.



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  1. Dai Woosnam says:

    Sorry Haydn.
    I was playing an old podcast of Radio 3’s Composer of the Week earlier tonight by your near namesake, and with that genius composer working overtime in my subconscious, it must have influenced my double typo of two minutes ago!
    Mind you, I have no such excuse for my error on Curtis Davies a few days ago,
    Trple apols.

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