Six decades of Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday matches.


A question on our next opponents from every decade since the sixties, with the answers to be put on here tomorrow.

60s. Where was this photo from 1967 taken?


70s. Although he wasn’t playing for Wednesday in this picture, this striker was at that club when he was picked by then England manager Sir Alf Ramsey for a trip to Gibralter in 1973 that he took charge of, who is the player in the photo?


80s. What links these lyrics from a song that reached the top ten during this decade with Sheffield Wednesday and Cardiff City from around the same time?

“When I stole all the apples that our neighbour grew,
So one must have told ’cause she knew”

90s. Another musical question, there is a common misconception that a former England player’s father was in this band, but the father of this player, who had an injury wrecked spell at Sheffield Wednesday during the late 90’s, was – who is the player and what is the band in question?


00s. It happened once during Joe Ledley’s Cardiff City career and it was at Hillsborough during this decade, to what am I referring?

10s. Which player(s) currently under contract at City has/have played for Sheffield Wednesday?


60s. The Azteca Stadium in Mexico City – Wednesday played five matches there in the summer of 1967, three years before it hosted the World Cup Final.

70s. Dave Sunley, who was a member of a Football Association tour party to Gibralter under the management of Sir Alf Ramsey.

80s.The lyrics are from Intuition by Linx, whose singer David Grant shared his name with the full back we signed from Sheffield Wednesday in the early 80s.

90s. Scott Oakes’ dad Trevor was in 70s pop sensations Showaddywaddy – I used to hate them!

00s. He was sent off in our 3-1 defeat in 09/10.

10s. Joe Bennett and Deji Oshilaja have both played Championship football for Wednesday while on loan there.

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4 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Sheffield Wednesday matches.

  1. 60’s Aztec Stadium Mexico
    70’s Dave Sunley
    80’s Dave Grant: lead singer of Linx (lyrics from their song “Intuition”) & bow legged Sheffield born left back for Owls & Cardiff
    90’s The player was Scott Oakes and his dad Trevor was said to be in Showaddywaddy
    00’s He was sent off for two yellow cards
    10’s Joe Bennett was on loan and about to be signed by Owls before Villa’s owner pulled the deal.

  2. Clive Harry says:

    70’s photo reminds me of Gary (Basil Fawlty) Stevens!

  3. Russell says:

    Sorry Paul i’m useless at these quizzes , how you put them together is a wonderment to me, well done.

    I would say though Wednesday kit was always a favourable subbuteo one , which I eventually bought.

  4. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thanks for the feedback anyway Russell – it’s helped make it a record number of replies for the six decades quizzes on here!
    I know what you mean Clive, Sunley was playing for Stockport in that picture and he looks nothing like the mental image I had of him from his Wednesday days.
    Great to hear from you Ante’s Bubbly and congratulations on getting all of the questions right, although a look at the answers I’ve now posted will confirm that there is another Cardiff player (who is on loan to Gillingham at the moment) who has played for Wednesday – interesting that we still don’t think Deji Oshilaja is good enough for the Championship at 23 and yet you gave him a couple of matches at that level nearly three years ago.

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