Six decades of Cardiff City v Sheffield United matches.

Six questions on Sheffield United with the answers to appear on here tomorrow.

60s. Name the two Sheffield United players in the foreground of this picture and I may be tempted to let anyone who can also come up with an explanation which convinces me as to why West Ham were playing in that kit in a home game (the block of flats behind it makes me convinced that the terrace appearing in the picture is the old “Chicken Run” at Upton Park) have a free copy of the superb Journey Back book – which is now only a full four seasons out of date!

70s. He was at Sheffield United all through this decade, played for an England B team and later had a spell as Head Coach of one time Cardiff European Cup Winners Cup opponents Mjondalen – who am I describing?

80s. Born in Blyth, this winger cum striker was high on City’s wanted list when playing for Southend in the late 70s, but he ended up at Bramall Lane early in this decade and played nearly two hundred and fifty times for them during a seven year stay – he also scored sixty seven times for the Blades. He finished his career by playing for two east coast clubs that have now lost their Football League status, managing the one that you would be more likely to take a holiday at, but can you tell me his name?

90s. Another player to guess from some clues;-

A scorer for Sheffield United against City during this decade, this Birmingham born midfielder with a habit of picking yellow and red cards, seldom left his Midlands roots during a twenty year playing career at all levels of the game. He moved clubs seventeen times and in all but three of them, it was a Midlands team he signed for. Sheffield United (along with Watford and Bohemians of Dublin) were one of that trio of “outsiders” he turned out for and he ended up playing more games for them than any of his multitude of other clubs – strangely, given where he played his club football, he played his international football for Scotland.

00s. Name this member of a Sheffield United side beaten by City during this decade.

10s. He threatened to quit the game when a move to City fell through almost ten years earlier, but this Scandinavian was in a Sheffield United side that played against us early in this decade -who is he?


60s. David Munks and Willie Carlin.

70s. Mick Speight.

80s. Colin Morris.

90s. Paul Devlin.

00s. Queen of the South manager Gary Naysmith.

10s. Bjørn Helge Riise.

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6 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Sheffield United matches.

  1. Alistair Worth says:

    The question about the 60s. The two Sheffield United players are David Monks and Willie Carlin. It was the FA Cup 5th round match at Upton Park from 1968. West Ham were playing in their away strip because home teams had to change in the FA Cup at the time. Do I win the book? 🙂

  2. Russell says:

    A few players popped into my mind relating to Sheff Utd ,didn’t we sign the excellent Gil Reece and Dave Powell in exchange For Alan Warbous?

  3. Clive Harry says:

    Incredible to think of Willie Carlin challenging Geoff Hurst in the air but it looks as if he is in your photograph!

  4. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Very unusual for one of these quizzes to get as many as three replies, so they’re much appreciated.

    Alistair, very good to hear from you (I presume you are a Blade?). You’ve got the two players right and as there’s something in the back of mind from way back in my youth about home teams changing colours in the FA Cup when there was a clash, I reckon you’ve got the question I asked right – I was able to confirm that it was a cup game (which Sheffield United won 2-1 to make it through to the Quarter Finals), but I couldn’t find anything which categorically proved the home side changed kit theory.

    As for the book, it’s something that my friend and I wrote in 2013 as a follow up to the Official History of Cardiff City which was published in 1992. Our book followed the same format as the original for the subsequent seasons and covers the period 1991/92 to our Championship winning season in 2012/13. As such, I’m not sure if it would be of much interest to you, but you’re welcome to it if you want it. Are you or any of your friends going to tonight’s match? If you are then I could bring a copy for you to be picked up at the Cardiff City Trust Office (it’s by ground entrance number five) – I usually get there about twenty five minutes before kick off.

    Russell, yes they both came here in exchange for Warboys in the autumn of 1972 I believe it was. I think I’ve mentioned this story on here before, but their first game was at Ninian Park against Bristol City (as was the custom against the wurzels at that time, we lost, this time by 3-1) and the kick off had to be delayed because one of the City team (Billy Kellock) needed treatment after being hit in the face by a fierce shot by one of his team mates in the pre game kick about – I have this mental image of one of ex Sheffield United players turning to the other as the trainer treated Kellock and saying “what the f**k have we joined here!”.

    Clive, I was going to say that Willie Carlin would be the smallest player at any of the ninety two clubs if he was playing today, but I read somewhere that Aaron Lennon was five foot two – I refuse to believe that, but however tall he is, he’s an inch or two bigger than Carlin!

  5. Alistair Worth says:

    Paul, I’m laughing here……..I’ve been a City regular since February 1976!!! If you could leave a copy of the book in the Trust office, I’ll certainly try to get there in time to pick it up tonight or before the QPR game. Cheers, Al

  6. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier Alistair, but your book is in the Trust Office waiting to be picked up.

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