Six decades of Cardiff City v Rotherham United matches.

CoymaySix questions on our next opponents, the answers will be posted on here tomorrow.

60s. The man pictured had a two years spell at Rotherham at the end of this decade having played for his previous club in a Wembley Cup Final. He moved to Rotherham a few months later, but he made a greater impact at his next team, being voted by fans as the best player in his position to have ever played for the club – do you know who he is?


70s. Born in Germany, this man played nearly 700 Football League matches during a twenty two year career which began at Rotherham in the late 60s. He left them in the mid 70s having played around 140 times for them, but he was to manage nearly double that figure at each of the two Lancashire teams he played for next, can you name him?


80s. The young lad meeting Bill Shankly here was the winner of a competition, which attracted 10,000 entries, with the prize being an apprenticeship with Liverpool. He never played a first team match for his home town club, but went on to have a long career, mainly spent in the lower divisions. He played for nine different clubs in all, two of them being Welsh, and had a season with Rotherham in the mid 80s – do you recognise him?


90s. This Paddington born player turned down the chance to become a Magyar during a career in which he built up a very impressive CV of clubs without ever truly establishing himself at any of them. Despite this, I think it’s safe to say that his appearance for Rotherham in a 1-0 defeat at Ninian Park in the middle of this decade would not make any list of his most memorable matches – who is he?


00s. He shares a surname with someone who truly deserves the title “legend” for his exploits in another sport, but it’s a description which is applied to this regular member of Rotherham sides during this decade by supporters of that club after two spells which saw him rack up around 300 matches for them, do you know his name?


10s. Who is the Rotherham player who has been the subject of a ten game ban this season?



60s. Jim Furnell, the man who was in goals for Arsenal against Leeds in the 1968 League Cup Final, as well as being the player voted Plymouth Argyle’s best ever keeper.

70S Roy Tunks.

80s. Tommy Tynan.

90s. Imre Veradi.

00s. Paul Warne.

10s. Kirk Broadfoot received the ban for verbally abusing then Wigan Athletic player James McClean with remarks reported to be of a sectarian nature.


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9 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Rotherham United matches.

  1. Clive Harry says:

    Bit of local interest with that third one I think – Tommy Tynan (ex Newport County)?

  2. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Is correct Clive.

  3. Some time in the early ’60s, Rotherham came to Cardiff, and their goalkeeper, Roy Ironside, gave one of the most outstanding displays I’ve ever seen. Does history repeat itself? In this case I hope not

  4. Clive Harry says:

    I think that was in our promotion season Anthony. I think Rotherham had a shock 1-4 win (haven’t looked that up honestly! So I hope I’m right).

  5. Clive, I’m pretty sure you are correct. Like some other contributors to this site, you all would put Leslie Welch to shame.

  6. Clive Harry says:

    We must have good memories to know about Leslie Welch (the Memory Man!).

  7. Mike Herbert says:

    The name Clive Harry rang a bell for me and that has been re-enforced with the dialogue between him and Anthony. I am wondering if this is the same Clive Harry who played as a defender for Llantwit Fardre Juniors in the mid 1960’s – in the same team as AMO? If so he often marked me out of the game when I played for Pontypridd YM. The only harder player that marked me at that time was John Roberts who played for Abercynon in those times and who progressed to Swansea and also played for Arsenal and Wales. It was sad to read of his death earlier in January.

    Re Rotheram: I managed to catch some of the commentary this afternoon down in Cornwall – thanks to digital and Sky! Could anyone explain why Peltier was kept on after being yellow carded when we had another full back on the bench? – to be fair to RS though it is possible I may have missed something and all subs had been used.

  8. Mike – Different Clive Harry though I wondered the same as you. I remember him on occasions lying flat on the floor and still tackling people with his head. I’m glad I played with him and never against. I mentioned playing against John Roberts in a recent posting and he was the one who ripped us to shreds even though our Clive Harry was marking him. And in terms of the bench – why was Joe Mason kept off it for nearly an hour of wasted performance? The manager’s team selection has concerned me throughout the season, and yet he seems to blame the players for not creating or not taking goal chances. Who picks the team?

  9. Clive Harry says:

    You’re correct Anthony. I’m a Kaaaardiff boy who played rugby on a Saturday for Cardiff HSOB and ran a Sunday morning football team. Funnily enough, I also played rugby for Llantwit Fardre for a short while when I lived in Llantrisant.

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