Six decades of Cardiff City v Hull City games.


Six Hull related questions, answers on here tomorrow;-

60’s. Name this striker who scored nearly two hundred goals for Hull – most of them in this decade.

Hull 1

70’s. This player was Hull’s record signing when he joined them in the 70’s – he was also sent off for scrapping with Don Murray while playing for the club he left to join the Tigers, but can you name him?

Hull 2

80’s. By the sound of it, this locally born centre back was a real leader of men for Hull during this decade, can you name him?

90’s. Who is this player with a Hull and Cardiff connection?

hull 3


00’s. Hull player from this decade in state final.

10’s. Name the striker who made his first appearance for City in a match with Hull in the 11/12 season.


60’s. Chris Chilton.

70’s. Jimmy McGill.

80’s. Peter Skipper.

90’s. Ken De Mange.

00’s. Alan Fettis.

10’s. Ben Turner came on as a sub in City 2-1 away defeat and played as a striker for the final six minutes.

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