Six decades of Cardiff City v Fulham matches.

CoymayA new season, but the same old format – six questions (plus a bonus picture question from the 60s) about tomorrow’s opponents. I’ll put the answers on here sometime within the next twenty four hours.

60s. Fulham are about to concede a goal in this picture from 1963, who is the goalkeeper and can you name the scorer?

Fulham FC 1

70s. Who is the former City player in this picture from the early seventies?

Fulham FC 2

80s. Better known for his earlier spells with a club from his native country and another London side, this full international played a few games for Fulham at the end of his career in the mid 80s, can you name him?

Fulham fc 3

90s. The player wearing the number 11 shirt in this picture made his City debut in a game against Fulham during this decade, who is he and can you identify the opposing player with a Cardiff connection he is tussling with?

Fulham fc 4

00s. Born in Brandfort, this Fulham midfield player of the late 2000s started his career with a club called Cardiff Spurs, who is he?

10s. Name this member of the Fulham side beaten 1-0 here in January.

Fulham fc 5

Now the bonus question I mentioned. Adrian Pickrell, who is a pretty regular contributor to the Feedback section on here has given me a photo of the 1961/62 City side which his dad Tony (who was in the team) has said I can put on here. The team were on their way to play Racing Club Lensois (FC Lens) in a competition called the Anglo-French Friendship Cup – it’s a bit before my time, so I can’t tell you the names of all of the players, but I thought older readers might want to have a go at identifying them,

Cardiff City Lyon 61-62

Finally, thank you to Adrian and Tony for providing the picture.

60s. The photo is of Welsh forward Roy Vernon scoring for Everton against Fulham at Goodison Park – Tony Macedo is the goalkeeper.
70s. George Johnston.
80s. Doug Rougvie.
90s. John Cornwell made his City debut in a 3-1 win at Craven Cottage early in the 93/94 season while on loan from Southend United – he is seen in action with Alan Cork in a Wimbledon v Newcastle game.
00s. Kagisho Dikgacoi.
10s. Kostas Stafylidis.

Regarding the picture from 61/62, Richard Hoad had a go at identifying all eleven players and came up with the following;-

BACK ROW – Milne, Tapscott, Rankmore, Vearncombe, Baker, Harrington, Pickrell, Gammon, Hole
FRONT King (Peter) and Dai Ward

Given Richard’s encyclopaedic knowledge of, how shall I put this, more mature Cardiff City teams, I’m presuming he’s right!

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3 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Fulham matches.

  1. Richard Holt says:

    Good quiz again Paul – I should have recognised Johnston. Funnily enough, when I was last at the local studies centre, I was looking up 61/62 and trying to get the team line-ups for those games against Racing Club Lensois. I have a line-up for the away game which includes some names which I’m pretty sure aren’t on that picture such as Dilwyn John, Graham Moore and Johnny King. I was tempted to change my records to the team I think is in the picture but have realised that Moore and Johnny King were listed as scorers in the match report so I assume that they took a fuller squad than we see in the photo. I’m not convinced I’m totally right with those names by the way. Rankmore I was definitely doubtful about.
    Think I’m looking forward to tomorrow but not with huge sense of conviction.

  2. Dai Woosnam says:

    I saw the home game against Lens, played midweek under lights.
    I very much admired the away team’s red and yellow strip.
    The thing I most recall of the game was that it was played in a near hurricane.
    And Happy Tappy scored the flukiest goal I ever saw at Ninian, when, attacking the Grangetown Stand end -and crossing from near the right touchline – the wind took his ball and tossed it like a kite flown at Rest Bay, in and out and round in circles, totally mesmerising the Lens keeper and giving him nightmares for years to come, as he fished it out of the net.

  3. The other Bob Wilson says:

    I should think you are right about City taking a bigger squad that shown in the photo Richard – I’ve put your version of the team in with the answers to the quiz, so I daresay someone will reply if they think differently to you.

    Some friends of mine went to Spain for a holiday in Spain in the late 70s Dai and I asked them to get me a red and yellow striped Valencia shirt. This they duly did and it was a really good quality one as well. Trouble is, despite being nowhere near the impressive full figure of a man back then that I am now, it was still about two sizes too small for me – I still used to wear it and blame my mum for shrinking it in the wash.

    That goal you described reads a little similar to the famous one Tappy got against Sporting Lisbon a few years.

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