Six decades of Cardiff City v Crystal Palace games.

CoymayNormal routine, six questions about our next opponents with the answers to be posted on here tomorrow.

60’s. What did Peter King do at Ninian Park on 30 April 1966 which hadn’t happened in a City v Palace match for twenty years?

70’s. Older City fans will remember the 1-0 win at Selhurst Park in the 75/76 promotion season, but who scored Palace’s goal in their earlier 1-0 win at Ninian Park in September 75 and what club is he employed by these days?

80’s.  Name this South African born defender who was at Palace for eight years during this decade.

Palace (3)



90’s. This player turned out for both Palace and City in this decade, who is he?

Palace 4


00’s. This player, with the initials LS, only played first team football for City in the FAW Premier Cup, but he was an unused sub for the League Cup tie against Palace at Selhurst Park in 2000/01 – can you name him?

Palace 5

10’s. Which England international made his Palace debut in a 1-0 win over us during this decade?



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One Response to Six decades of Cardiff City v Crystal Palace games.

  1. The other Bob Wilson says:

    The following was received from Dai Woosnam – thanks Dai;-

    Great report, Paul.

    I fear though that the point will not be enough.

    If the team go down, it is VITAL that they do not have internecine rows to distract them next season.

    And here is my cri de coeur to Cardiff fans:

    I beg you…do NOT be dinosaurs. Stop all this nonsense about changing shirt colours. Did Leeds fans complain when they abandoned their famous yellow and blue shirts for the all white of Real Madrid?

    Did they heck!

    Get with it, Cardiff fans. Red is a proud colour. It is your NATIONAL colour. Richard Burton famously saw to it that he wore one item of apparel that was red, every day of his adult life.

    Imagine your girlfriend, who always wore blue undies in bed, runs off with the milkman. And she is replaced in your affections by her much sexier 20 year old sister…who always favours scarlet red scanties.

    Do you kick her out of bed?

    In the immortal words of Eliza Dolittle: “Not bloody likely!”

    Get real, Cardiff fans!

    Stop moving deckchairs on your Titanic. It is your obsession with the trivial, that has made your club take their eye off the iceberg! Get behind the Cardiff City Dragons!

    (Whoever saw a BLUE dragon?)

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