Six decades of Cardiff City v Coventry City matches.



Usual format, the answers will be posted on here tomorrow.

60’s. How did City manage to cope with that mixed up crude brat Kim when they played Coventry during this decade?

70’s. Who was the keeper beaten by this famous Coventry goal from the 70’s?

Coventry 70's


80’s. Name the member of Coventry’s 1987 FA Cup winning side on the right of this picture.

coventry 80's.


90’s. This Coventry player from the 90’s with a misleading surname  played for his country 70 times, scoring 25 goals and now manages it’s Under 21 team, can you name him?

Coventry 90's.


00’s. The Coventry left back torn to pieces by the Chris Burke/Adam Matthews partnership in his side’s 2-0 defeat at Cardiff City Stadium in October 2009 has signed for Sunderland this summer, who is he?

10’s. Name the player who played his only home match for City in the 2-0 Boxing Day win over Coventry in 2010.


60’s. Dietmar Bruck.

70’s. Andy Rankin of Everton.

80’s. Lloyd McGrath.

90’s. Viorel Moldovan (he played for Rumania).

00’s. Patrick Van Aanholt.

10’s. Chris Riggott.

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2 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Coventry City matches.

  1. Enoch Mort says:

    60s Dietmar Bruck was a very good full back and, being Polish, seemed to be quite “exotic” for the 1960s when foreign players seemed to be few and far between

    70s Andy Rankin

    80s Lloyd McGrath

    90s Viorel Moldovan

    00s Patrick Van Aanholt

    10s Chris Rigott

    Very good quiz as ever Paul

  2. The other Bob Wilson says:

    All correct, well done Richard.

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