Six decades of Cardiff City v Bristol City matches.

Six wurzels related questions ahead of Saturday’s encounter which I’m sure has been described as “massive” by someone, somewhere – the answers will be posted on Saturday.

60s. Name the player who scored twice for City in a win at Ashton Gate during this decade.

70s. Sadly, I make it that eight players who featured for City in matches against Bristol City during this decade have passed away, can you name them?

80s. Who is this and what makes him unique among City players in this decade when it comes to Bristol City?

90s. Can you name this member of a City team that played Bristol City during this decade?

00s. Given our woeful record against the wurzels from 1971 to 2003, the following City players from early in this decade will have belonged to a very exclusive club during that thirty two year period – John Hallworth, Russell Perrett, Richard Carpenter, Kevin Nugent, Jason Fowler and Danny Hill. Can you identify how you became a member of this club – as a clue, you would have to have played for us more than once against Bristol City to be eligible for membership.

10s. Prior to our 2-1 win in October, who was the last Bristol City keeper to concede a goal for them in a Severnside derby at Cardiff City Stadium?


60s. Dai Ward scored both goals in a 2-0 win over Bristol City in the Welsh Cup at Ashton Gate in February 1962.

70s. Ronnie Bird, Brian Harris, Brian Clark, Ian Gibson, Johnny Vincent, Clive Charles, Gil Reece and Paul Went.

80s. Paul Wheeler was the only player to score at Ashton Gate for City in this decade.

90s. Ray Daniel.

00s. All six players appeared in the two 0-0 draws between the teams that took place early in 2000. They were the only games they ever played against Bristol City for us and, as such, they were one of a small group who never conceded a goal against the wurzels in any of the two, or more, City matches they played against them during this time when our results against them were awful.

10s. Tom Heaton in our 2-1 win in February 2013.


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