Six decades of Cardiff City v Bristol City matches.


Six questions on our next opponents, answers to be posted on here tomorrow.

60s. Name the two players with a City connection in this Bristol City team photo from 1966.


70s. Who are the four players in this picture from a Bristol City v Leeds FA Cup tie in February 1974?


80s. Name this Bristol City player from thirty years ago.


90s. This player is better known for what he did while playing for a midweek team, but he does have a unique place in the history of Cardiff City v Bristol City matches, who is he and what is his “achievement”?


00s.  He played in both games for Bristol City when Peter Thorne’s goal decided the Play Off Semi Final tie with us in 2003, who is he?


10s. What links three quarters of the Bristol City scorers in games against us at Cardiff City Stadium during this decade?


60s. Brian Clark is sixth from the right and Peter Hooper is two places further right than him.

70s. David Harvey is the Leeds goalkeeper, Terry Yorath is the player on the ground and Gordon McQueen is covering on the goal line. The Bristol City player is Ernie Hunt of donkey kick free kick fame from his Coventry days.

80s. City top scorer in 1983/84, Gordon Owen.

90s. Gary Shelton, who scored the only league goal in matches between the teams during this decade.

00s. Lee Peacock.

10s. Steven Caulker, Nicky Maynard and Ben Nugent are all former Cardiff players, while Jon Stead was the only player without a City connection who had scored for the wurzels at Cardiff City Stadium before Friday’s match during the current decade (yes, I know Bradley Orr scored for us to win an FA Cup replay back in 2010!).


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7 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Bristol City matches.

  1. Colin Phillips says:

    Think I can see Brian Clark in the first one, Paul.

    We could do with some of his goals now.

  2. The other Bob Wilson says:

    We could do with some of Ronnie Moore’s goals now Colin!

    You’re right by the way, I’ve just posted the answers to the other questions on there.

  3. Clive Harry says:

    Damn you Colin – I actually got an answer quickly and you beat me to it! Is the other one in that photo Peter Hooper?

  4. Clive Harry says:

    Would have put money on the 90’s being Clayton Blackmore.

  5. Paul O says:

    Can we have the answers, please?

  6. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Apologies Paul, I came on here on Saturday morning with the definite intention of posting them, but must have forgotten – too much basking in the glow of what happened the previous evening I suppose!

  7. Paul O says:

    Very excusable, Other Bob! Let’s hope we can keep it going tonight.

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