Six decades of Cardiff City v Blackburn Rovers matches.

CoymayNew year, but the usual format, with the answers posted on here tomorrow.

60s. The man wearing the number nine shirt certainly had plenty of clubs during an eighteen year career which embraced all of this decade, with Blackburn, for a two year spell in the late 60s, being one of them. All in all, he played for eleven clubs on both sides of the Atlantic and the fact that he was transferred fifteen times in his career shows that there were some which he had two, or even three, spells at – he holds a Football League record which still stands today, more than fifty years after it was set, but who is he?


70s. Can you recognise this man, who made over 100 appearances for Blackburn during this decade, from his Super, Soaraway Sun soccercard image?


80s. This central defender was at Blackburn for the large majority of this decade, who is he?


90s.  He was at Blackburn during the latter half of this decade and played over one hundred and fifty times for them – he also represented his country at senior level twenty seven times. Going into management in his home country, he was forced to make a reluctant return to playing duties at the age of 38 because his club had been forced to sell most of their best players. His brother is a one time Southern Area Heavyweight Boxing Champion who can count former British and Commonwealth Champion Julius Francis among his victims – who am I describing and, to really impress me, can you name his brother the boxer?

00s. Name this Welshman who is best known now for the hat trick he scored in a very important match for the club he signed for after leaving Blackburn.

brafc 4

10s. Who is the player pictured in this photo from Blackburn’s visit to Cardiff last season?



60s. Jim Fryatt who scored after just four seconds for Bradford Park Avenue in a game against Tranmere Rovers played in 1964.

70s. John Butcher.

80s. David Mail.

90s. Jeff Kenna – the boxer in his family is named Colin.

00s. James Thomas, who scored three of Swansea’s goals in the 4-2 win over Hull which kept the Jacks in the Football League in 2003.

10s. Jay Spearing, who was on loan to Blackburn from Bolton at the time.


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2 Responses to Six decades of Cardiff City v Blackburn Rovers matches.

  1. Simon Smith says:

    Jim Fryatt
    John Butcher
    David Mail
    Jeff Kenna – brother of Colin
    James Thomas
    Jay Spearing

  2. The other Bob Wilson says:

    All correct Simon, well done.

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