Six decades of away FA Cup ties.


Something different this week with forty photos of venues City have played FA Cup ties at since 1963 to identify. They are not in chronological order because that would be too easy!

I’ll post the answers on here in a few days time.


g 1


g 2


g 3


g 4


g 5


g 6


g 7


g 8


g 9


g 10


g 11


g 12


g 13


g 14


g 15


g 16

17.  An extra 0.01 of a point if you can identify the lady.

g 17


g 18


g 19


g 20





g 23


g 24


g 25


g 26


g 27


g 28

29. Older fans will recognise the goalkeeper in this picture I’m sure.

g 29


g 30


g 31

32.  This photo is over one hundred years old, but it includes a feature that I believe was still present at the ground for all, but our two most recent visits since 1963..



g 33




g 35



37. g 37





40. Anyone who doesn’t get this should be ashamed of themselves!

g 40

Just to say congratulations to the posters on a City messageboard who managed to identify all of the grounds – here are those answers;-

  1. Elland Road, Leeds (74/75).
  2. Scholars Ground, Chasetown (07/08).
  3. London Road, Peterborough (87/88).
  4. Huish Park, Yeovil (98/99).
  5. Bramall Lane, Sheffield United (71/72).
  6. Britannia Stadium, Stoke (10/11).
  7. Maine Road, Man City (81/82).
  8. Gresty Road, Crewe (2000/01)
  9. Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham (84/85).
  10. Highbury, Arsenal (69/69, 79/80, 05/06 and 08/09).
  11. Ynys Park, Ton Pentre (86/87).
  12. Ashton Gate, Bristol City (09/10).
  13. Bootham Crescent, York (69/70).
  14. Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough (93/94).
  15. Finchamstead Road, Wokingham Town (82/83).
  16. The Hawtorns, West Brom (11/12).
  17. White Hart Lane, Spurs (06/07).
  18. The Old Show Ground, Scunthorpe (72/73).
  19. Prenton Park, Tranmere (01/02 and 02/03).
  20. Nene Park, Rushden and Diamonds (95/96).
  21. County Ground, Swindon (78/79 and 95/96).
  22. Oakwell, Barnsley (66/67).
  23. Ewood Park, Blackburn (04/05).
  24. Filbert Street, Leicester (80/81).
  25. Brisbane Road, Leyton Orient (99/2000).
  26. Griffin Park, Brentford (90/91, against Hayes, and 93/84).
  27. Moss Rose, Macclesfield (12/13).
  28. Southbury Road, Enfield (88/89, 93/94 and 94/95).
  29. St Andrews, Birmingham City (73/74).
  30. Emirates Stadium, Arsenal (08/09).
  31. Roots Hall, Southend (75/76).
  32. St James’ Park, Newcastle (13/14).
  33. St James’ Park, Exeter (85/86).
  34. Haig Avenue, Southport (65/66).
  35. Wexham Park, Slough Town (97/98).
  36. Victoria Ground, Stoke (68/68).
  37. Meadow Park, Gloucester City (89/90).
  38. Vetch Field, Swansea (91/92).
  39. Highfield Road, Coventry (02/03).
  40. It’s Ninian Park in 1910 – we played an “away” tie against Tiverton there in 2001.


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6 Responses to Six decades of away FA Cup ties.

  1. Dai Woosnam says:

    I am amazed Paul, that our regular gang have not all written in EN MASSE to salute you for the sheer effort you have made here.
    They are not usually lacking in good manners.
    Could it be that they do not ever bother with your quizzes?
    If so, they are half excused.
    But if they HAVE studied your fantastic photo quiz and still not had the decency to say a big thankyou for you making the effort, well…all I can say is that they are not the boys that I thought they were!
    Right…rant over.
    As for my attempt at the answers…I failed with approximately two thirds of them. Pathetic, I know.
    But I am quite pleased with the ones I got right.
    Griffin Park has 4 pubs on its corners…so the pub was the clue there. Got that right.
    The Vetch was easy because of the skyline and the fact I had seen a documentary on it now becoming a public area which included allotments.
    Really pleased that I guessed Highbury. Intuition. Apartments were the clue.
    And I did not make the mistake of thinking Diana Dors was at the County Ground in her native Swindon. I guessed it just must be a big London stadium, and remembered the pillars at White Hart Lane.
    After thinking it was Ms Dors…I then decided it may have been Miss Jayne Mansfield…but looking at the breasts, decided DD was in fact correct !!!
    Also got the plastic tunnel at The Emirates…I ought to, as I have walked through it on a stadium tour about 6 years ago. (I also did stadium tours of The Etihad, Twickenham,
    Old Trafford, and the daddy of them all…Wembley. The last named has the added bonus of letting you climb up all the steps and be presented by a Queen lookalike with a replica of the FA Cup.)
    Did all the tours in close proximity, as my legs were fast giving up on me.
    One final pat on my own back…
    I am so glad I got Ynys Park correct.
    If I had not, I would need to shoot myself.
    Well, when I was a boy, my late uncle Jimmy Davies, of 5 Clara Sreet, Ton Pentre, would regularly take me marching with the throng down Ton Row to the stadium to see some magical football there.
    I recall two ex-City stalwarts playing out their careers there: Billy Baker and Stan Hollyman.
    But most of all, I recall a great forward line…Clive Owen and Gwilym Hicks on the wings; Albie Davies as a Greaves type inside forward, and Norman Davies as the Ivor Allchurch type…and a bustling Trevor Ford type centre forward…whose name I currently have forgotten…Reynolds, maybe?
    Happy days.
    But I have total recall of that stadium.
    And looking at that picture, you can see why (was it about about 23 years or so ago?) Norway took one look at the stadium and refused to play an Under 21 international there, and had the venue was changed at the last minute.

  2. Dai Woosnam says:

    Oh…I forgot, re the glamorous actress.
    Please answer your other “who is this person” type questions…
    …you have just given us the stadia details.

  3. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thanks very much Dai – the quizzes usually pass without comment. I do sometimes get replies from supporters of the teams we are due to play and I can remember AMO replying once, but the main feedback I get for them comes from the City messageboard I post them on.
    Regarding Ynys Park. I can remember my whole family and one of my uncles going to a game there on a Sunday afternoon in the early 70s to watch what must have been a game played for some charity or another. I can remember Jimmy Scoular played and I think there were a few City squad players involved. There was also someone called Tom who all of the locals obviously knew – he was the source of much laughter, but I still haven’t got a clue who he was. I thought Ynys Park was fantastic – I’d never seen anything like it before, it had the covered terrace at one (I seem to remember that the turnstiles to get into it were dotted in among the houses on the road outside much like they are at Kenilworth Road), a slope that was almost as steep as the one I’d seen at the Manor Ground a few years earlier and the railway track at the other end from which you could see the whole pitch. I’ve been there a couple of times since that day and it has not worn well – it wasn’t in great condition around forty five years ago, but I can well understand the Norwegians not wanting to play there (I’d not heard that story before).
    You’ll probably enjoy this story
    As for Diana Dors/Jayne Mansfield. Like you, I thought it was the former for the very reasons you mentioned! However, when I looked at the caption accompanying the photo, they said it was, indeed, Miss Mansfield – must have been something to do with the angle the photo was taken at! Here’s confirmation of that;-
    Finally, it was Fred Davies in action for Wolves in the photo of St. Andrews.

  4. Dai Woosnam says:

    Thanks Paul.
    Especially for the additional info.
    Just one thing though…I am still waiting on the special feature info on #32.

  5. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Sorry Dai, that was the unusual, rounded gable on the stand roof – it was definitely still there in the sixties and seventies and I believe it only disappeared around thirty years ago.

  6. Clive Harry says:

    Ah well, I got Fred Davies and Ninian Park correct!
    As for Ton Pentre, I remember taking a Wednesday afternoon off work to watch Ton Pentre play Falmouth in what might have been the FACup final qualifying round in 1969. The FA Cup is a fantastic competition in the early rounds and it would be great to see Welsh teams back in it but that’s never going to happen. A year or so ago I went to watch Redhill v Lewes in an early round and Gavin Gordon was on the bench for Redhill!

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