Reduction in shipping costs for “The Journey Back”.

CoymayI’d like to thank David Kidner for pointing me in the direction of a cheaper mail delivery company than Parcelforce and I’ll be using them from now when sending books bought through the PayPal link out. I have also found somewhere which sells cheaper stationery than the place I had been using and so we have been able to reduce the shipping costs for customers. Unfortunately, the mail delivery company only operates within the UK, so the reductions for parcels sent outside this country only reflect the cheaper stationery prices. Therefore, I’m afraid it’s something of a drop in the ocean – I would hope that it at least shows that I am looking for ways to reduce shipping costs though for those of you who have bought the book and I will continue to do so.

So, from today, shipping to destinations in the UK will cost £2 less and there will be a reduction of 50p to other destinations – the shopping cart will show the new prices when you order.

Finally. apologies to those of you who have bought the book already for me not being aware of these cheaper prices when I set the shipping rates originally.


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