One club record broken, another equaled – 100% City stay top.

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  1. Anthony O'Brien says:

    Another positive result, and good to see. Ralls has improved greatly since last season, but so — among others — has Hoilett. I’m still not convinced that Zohore is quite as good as most people say. He certainly managed to win a few headers with a defender at his back, but they were essentially aimless and no team mate latched onto them. He also missed several goal scoring opportunities (which, in fairness, he created with his own strong running onto a through ball — the keynote of his success. But, as the game went on he became increasingly desperate to score. In fact, to me it seemed that his desperation increased as the same rate as his confidence declined. Towards the end he was somewhat of a lonely figure tending to stand with his hands on his hips, which again in fairness — might have been caused by tiredness. In fact I would have brought him off earlier than actually happened, and have put Ward on the left, Hoilett on the right, and given Mendez-Laing a striking role through the middle –which did appear
    to be his role by the end of the game. The fact might be quite significant that Mr Warnock, in Paul’s words, is still looking for a “big, strong, and pretty quick” two-footed striker or am I being totally unfair to Zohore.

  2. Richard Holt says:

    Thanks for the write up Paul. I wasn’t there last night and it seems that while we didn’t quite reach Saturday’s standards it was a more than satisfactory in terms of result and performance. That rarity of a Saturday/ Tuesday double has finally been achieved ! Actually looking back I realise that it wasn’t quite as long ago as I imagined that we last managed that – October 2014 when we beat Forest then Ipswich. On the subject of breaking records, if we tag our 3-0 win at Huddersfield on the final day of last season into the sequence, we’ve now won four league games on the trot without conceding a goal. We have managed that four or five times before in our history but never managed five in a row. In fact although I need to check this more thoroughly, I don’t think we’ve ever gone five league games in a row without conceding a goal. Something for anoraks like me to get excited about on Saturday. I’ll still settle for a 4-3 win though.

  3. Russell says:

    Thanks Paul for the write up , another pleasurable performance, Sheff Utd did as you say move the ball well through midfield, thought at times they had too much space and time although Gunners and Ralls worked hard .

    Ralls certantily looks fitter and leaner and his forward thrusts are a bonus.

    In my view we haven’t missed Whitts and are more fluid without him , with quicker movement’s and that is helping the front three get forward into deeper byeline positions and turn defenders , I felt Whitt’s in his later years has tended to slow progress going forward ,pass back and fort or sideways ,this allowed teams to asscess our approach ,and set themsekves up defensively, this current teams tactics us to thrust forward at any opportunity, which supports the movement Ralls is making and Gunnerson , and doesn’t allow teams to settle.

    Keeper is proving a great shop stopper but still need to seehim really tested in the air ,difficult though as our back four/three are very good perhaps better than most in the league.

    Front three are on fire ,Holilett again MOM for me ,Laing quite game another cracker though, he likes that side and top spot of the net ,what a find .

    Zohore is working for others so well all these goals without his input is such a bonus ,missed a few sitters but hey that’s what a good striker does ,took the free kick which I thought Tomlin would.

    Tomlin what a tricky player , he is he looks weighty, but I do think on reflection that’s just his build, he worked so hard as well , he will score goals ,as he has such quick feet .

    Bring on the Wanderers , bet Sky are kicking themselves for not selecting this one , which they did once ,he ,he ,victory for away fans and 3pm Saturday’s .

    Unless something mad happens ,like selling Zohore , which would adversly effect the support, dressing room ,manager and our intention we are looking very good indeed ,and on this form will beat a lot of teams.

    Let’s prey we don’t succumb to the inveitable bid for Zohore ,we won’t lose its value, his value can only go up in my opinion .I’d take 3 million for Bennett though .

  4. Colin Phillips says:

    Thanks for another perceptive report, Paul.

    I am having difficulty keeping my feet on the ground and at my age that’s saying something. Things should become a lot clearer after the Wolves game. They will surely be a greater test than we have had thus far. Burton and Villa?? already looking like they might be in a relegation battle and Sheffield United possibly a little low on confidence.

    I was disappointed that Damour didn’t start, he impressed me in the Villa game, but if, as reported, he was knackered after that performance then so be it. With Tomlin, his replacement, showing lots of classy touches (and only one possible dive) it is nice to have a situation where we have difficulty in knowing who to leave out. Apart from when tiredness set in late on it is difficult to find fault with anyone’s performance. Alright we missed a lot of chances, as we did against Villa, but hell this time last year we weren’t creating any chances to miss. Tomlin’s miss was surprising, you would have thought that someone with his experience would have at least made their keeper work, perhaps a little anxious on his first home league appearance for us? Get the feeling that “our Ken” thinks he has to score in every game, he had his chances this evening, Neil needs to have a word I think.

    Samir Caruthers ran the game for them, and caused us some problems in the first half and looked much their best player (their keeper, Blackman, did OK) and I was surprised and pleased when Ched Evans (nice reception). came on to replace him in the second half.

    So many performances worthy of praise in the Cardiff side but another strong performance from Mendez-Laing, despite looking knackered he kept on tracking-back during the last ten minutes when we seemed to reverting to a Slade/Trollope era Cardiff. But we didn’t concede and kept that ‘golden’ clean-sheet!

    I’m not happy with the transfer talk surrounding Zohore, from what I’ve seen of Bogle, on the box, he didn’t impress. Not too concerned with losing Bennett, we appear to have a number of full-backs (bit short of natural left-footers), could Manga play there?

    Wolverhampton, here we come!!

  5. BJA says:

    Good morning Paul and everyone else. Somewhat late to the party, so catching up with your comments and those of your followers.
    Is it the result that matters, or the performance or both? It has to be the former, but if we can add the latter as well, so much to the good. Whilst agreeing that it was not quite the sparkling effort that we displayed against Villa, goodness me how much better it was than what we were watching exactly one year ago. Almost twenty efforts on goal, and once again had it not been for another fine goalkeeping performance from an opposition keeper, then we may well have doubled our score. Having said that, our own keeper made a couple of fine saves.
    As the saying goes, we can only play against what is in front of us, and the Blades were a more resolute lot than Villa. But still we created chances, and whilst our Ken only just spurned his best, he was still trying to the end, perhaps a little too hard on occasions. His dazzling free kick almost brought reward had it not been for the save of the match.
    Tomlin performed a little better for me than previously, but I think I still prefer Damour for the energy and pace that he brings to the team. And I’m not sure about Bruno at right back, seemed a little lacking in pace.
    Catching up on the latest transfer news, it seems we are interested in Wigan’s Bogle
    ( does that mean we are likely to consider an offer for Ken ) and if Bennett goes will we be able to acquire Preston’s new skipper Cunningham? I am fully in accord with those that would wish to have the transfer window closed before the start of the season. If our team has to be disrupted now because of money, that will be a great shame.
    So its first against second on Saturday – let’s hope that there is no change in that order come 5.00 p.m.

  6. Adrian Lloyd Pickrell says:

    Thanks as always for a superb report Paul.
    I am delighted for Etheridge, coming from Walsall to City and keeping three clean sheets in a row will do anyones confidence the world of good. We all have Marshall still firm in our memory banks but Etheridge has got off to a super start. If he keeps the “wolves from the door” on saturday he will be on his way to hero status.
    Zahore? Are we going to make a big mistake and sell… just to watch him become a top scorer in the Prem?

  7. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Good to get another quality set of replies – I’m really busy today so I’m afraid I cannot give them as much time as usual.
    Anthony, for the first time in a while, I spotted that naive, eagerness to shoot when there were team mates in better places fault in Zohore’s game on Tuesday in the minutes before he was replaced. He missed what was something of a sitter by his recent standards as well, but I still thought that, overall, he had a seven out of ten type game – hopefully, Warnock will have a word with him to remind him he doesn’t have to score, or try to score, in every game because he’s playing a full part in what, over the past two matches especially, has been the sharpest attacking unit I’ve seen at the club in recent years.
    Those last set of successive home wins were Russell Slade’s first as manager weren’t they Richard – think Slade went on to win his first four home matches didn’t he? I can see our consecutive wins and clean sheets records going on Saturday, but I believe we might be able to sneak something like a 1-1 draw.
    I reckon “thick set” is the best way to describe Tomlin Russell and Colin, but I’m not sure that he’s carrying too much excess weight. To me, he looks a bit Michael Chopra in his final spell with us ish – the difference being that Chops was gradually getting bigger all of the time and Tomlin has always tended to have the “you fat bastard” chants directed at him throughout his career! Like you, I thought Tomlin looked good on Tuesday and I think he could be so important to us if he can rediscover the attitude he had when was the catalyst behind Middlesbrough almost making the Premier League in 14/15.
    BJA, initially, I was concerned that Bogle was going to be a Zohore replacement, but Neil Warnock talked of him being someone who would be coming in initially as cover and would have the hunger to prove to him that he could do a job in the first team. If that is the case, then I think he could be a useful signing who might just develop into a very good one – actually, I think Bogle looks a little Zohoresque in this video
    Adrian, glad you mentioned Etheridge – he looked confident and capable on Tuesday.

  8. Clive Rymon says:

    Hi Paul,bit late for the party this week,I think most bases have been covered this week,so after a dynamic performance against Villa it was probably going to be hard to replicate that against Sheffield but I still thought it was a very competent effort where every player gave their all

    The thing that has had we wondering about is the Bennett situation re the release clause in his contract.Now I know we are not privy to all the details but it set me wondering is this a new concept,or has it always been in contracts,and if so how many other players playing for us have one too.could we ever get to situation where a number of our players have this written in which would surely dismantle a team that you are trying to put together,just a thought.Anyway it is up to Bennett now to decide whether Fulham or Cardiff are the better option for promotion,or it is money oriantated we shall see.

    Finally now we go to Wolves and what a game that could be,I wonder if their back line will has faced anyone like our formidable front three yet,but I suppose with all the hype that will be forthcoming what’s the betting it will be a boring nil nil.

  9. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Hello Clive, regarding release clauses, they’ve been around for quite some time. In Bennett’s case, I put the following on the City messageboard I use earlier this morning;-

    “Regarding the size of the release clause Dan, I think we need to remember the circumstances under which we signed Bennett. A few weeks before he signed for us, he was due to go to Sheffield Wednesday until Villa pulled the plug on the deal because they didn’t want one of their players to go to a “promotion rival”, so the inference is clearly that it was okay for him to come here because we weren’t considered a threat to Villa (who we finished above in the table ).

    So, I think it’s reasonable to assume that Bennett came here with the view that we were something of a stepping stone on his way to better things and he and his agent would have made a low release clause a pre condition of him coming here so that it would be easier for him to move on to those better things.

    If Bennett really does want to stay here now in the face of interest from a side that many are tipping for promotion this season, then that’s a terrific testimony to how much we moved on in the last year and, as you say, it would be great to see that contract renegotiated.”

    I’d definitely take a boring 0-0 tomorrow!

  10. CliveRymon says:

    Thanks Paul,forgot about the Wednesday situation,makes sense now.

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