More worried about the nature of the defeat than the defeat itself.

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7 Responses to More worried about the nature of the defeat than the defeat itself.

  1. Jack Braithwaite says:

    Theory? Yes. Coincidence.

  2. BJA says:

    Good afternoon Paul – Spot on as usual with your thoughts.
    I, too, listened to the match last night on Radio Wales ( as I did when we played Fulham three days earlier ) and as you mentioned in your summary of the game, Kevin Ratcliffe, who knows a thing or two about football and footballers, could not bring himself to state that any City player matched the performance of his Preston counterpart. That is disappointing.
    We know how hard the Championship season is and to produce excellent results in every match is just nigh on impossible. But for a team who have displayed a determination such as the City in their first six matches to capitulate in such a fashion must be worrying to Management. As you hint, were they believing all of the hyperbole that has been lauded their way?
    Now we will see just what NW is able to do to address whatever deficiencies were evident last night, because the next four matches will not be any easier. Whilst there is no need to panic, some frank talking with a few will not go amiss.

  3. Clive Rymon says:

    Hi Paul good summary,like you I only saw short highlights and read the report and if we’re honest we were due one of these,as we know in the Championship if you “don’t turn up you will take a hiding like last night.

    I think the key will be how we react to that defeat on Saturday against Wednesday I’m sure Warnock will will make sure whatever the result it will not be a lame performance like last night,I remember in the Makay on our way to the Premiership their was some poor results Bristol City and Charlton come to mind,as I say it’s how you bounce back that counts.

    Reading Warnock’s comment he not at afraid to say it like it is especially keeping the same side,damned if you do damned if you don’t,as we say hindsight is a wonderful thing.never mind onward and upward.

  4. Russell says:

    Cheers Paul for the write up . Players should hang thier heads in shame if they can’t at least draw a game its worry,tiredness, wrong se,ectionsvjyst an exuse ,hope Warnock bolloked them.

    From the highlights the 2nd and 3rd goals were amateurish at best .

    Bambas body language, gently running back after his poor missed tackle for the second was woeful.

    The keeper, well enough said ,drop him.

    Hes played that trick too many times already , his distribution is appalling ,he should be taken aside and coached on that fine art of finding a team colleague, who let’s be fair were easily spotted in their appalling line green slime shirts , perhaps he was blinded of dazzled by thier brightness.

    What a dreadful result again at Preston, they must love playing us at Deepdale.

    Big pressure now on Saturday .

    Let’s see what they are made off .

    One annoyed fan

  5. Adrian Lloyd Pickrell says:

    Hello everyone, I followed the game in Spain together with a former City player who was on the receiving end of that 9-0 hammering. He asked bis opposite number that day if they would consider “declaring” like in cricket after the 9th goal.
    This chap is convinced that a Bluebird doesent feel good at Deepdale, I am not Into superstition, but it was quite eerie that my companion predicted a 3 – 0 loss last night. A first defeat had to come…. pity it was such a drudging, A close run thing would have easier to take on the chin.

  6. Richard Holt says:

    Defeat last night wasn’t a great surprise but I didn’t expect one of that margin or manner. Neil Warnock has to make some difficult decisions in terms of team selection before our next game and there could be a bad effect on morale and confidence if he gets it wrong. Such a great start does bring its own pressures. Of course our record at Deepdale is one of hammerings interspersed with narrow victories so I shouldn’t have bben that surprised. My Dad always reckoned that our Preston thrashings were due to over indulgent overnight stays in Blackpool ( our record at Bloomfield Rd was also pretty hopeless for many decades in the past ). I should also say that I consider the vomit-green strip to be the worst I have seen us wear in my near 60 years of supporting us. It makes the mauve and yellow of 1972 seem positively slick and sophisticated. Maybe one day there’ll be a vomitgreenarmy blog!

  7. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thank you everyone for your messages.

    BJA, I reckon that the attitude of the team will be a lot better on Saturday, but Sheffield Wednesday are a solid outfit who have battled back from falling behind to get a draw on their last two visits here – all things considered, I think another draw with an improved performance would not be a bad outcome.
    Clive, there were a number of poor away defeats early in our promotion season (including a 3-2 loss at Palace when we had been a couple of goals up), so it’s not a time for panicking by any means, but I do have this nagging doubt about the manner of our performance because it was so unlike what this squad has done under this manager – I can’t think of a comparable display under Neil Warnock’s management.
    Russell, I’ve tended to defend Etheridge against any criticism before now, but I think you could point the finger at him as being to blame, to some degree at least, with all three of the goals – even after his miskick for the third one I thought he should have kept out the shot. Warnock has got a big decision to make as far as the goalkeeping position goes and I’m not sure what I’d do, because, although Murphy did okay against Burton, I thought he was pretty dodgy against Portsmouth.
    Adrian, uncanny that the ex City player (hope he is well) predicted we’d lose 3-0 and interesting to hear about the unease he alluded to when we visit Preston. It’s good to hear from you Jack and welcome to the board, but I can’t agree with you. We get stuffed too often at Preston for it just to be a coincidence – if you forget about what happened in the twentieth century, we’ve had a 6-0 thrashing and four 3-0 defeats in eleven visits to Deepdale since then, I cannot think of any other ground that we visit on a fairly regular basis where we get heavily beaten so often. Richard, I think your father’s theory is as good an explanation as any we’re likely to get and, as you say, we had a very poor record up at Blackpool as well for a long time – although, apart from a 6-1 on Bonfire night 1960, there were never those absolute thrashings that have been too common at Deepdale.
    As for our “vomit green” kit, I must admit to quite liking it, but I do have an issue with it – why were we wearing it on Tuesday? We played in blue at Fulham, so it’s hard to avoid coming to any other conclusion than that the change was down to “orders from above” because we hadn’t been able to wear our new change kit yet. Incidentally, we were in yellow for the 6-0 in 2009 and red last season, so maybe it might be worth trying to find out what colours we wore for all of those earlier Deedale batterings?

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