More on the subscribers list.

I’m just about to try and send out a first message to those of you who said you wanted to become subscribers. What should happen is that you’ll receive an e-mail with a simple message on it including a link which should take you to the up to date front page of the blog.

The story referred to in the e-mail will be this one, so, if you receive the message and are able to read this through the link on it, the system has worked properly.

Of course, the problem is that if things haven’t gone to plan for some of you, you’re not going to be aware of it! Therefore, I would ask any subscribers who read this through clicking on a link on News Now or who just visit the blog randomly who have not received an e-mail bringing this entry to your attention to let me know because, obviously, I’ve cocked up somewhere along the line!

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12 Responses to More on the subscribers list.

  1. Colin Phillips says:

    Worked a treat for me, Paul.

  2. Colin Bray says:

    Hi, Paul,could you please put me on your subscribers list, thanks,Colin

  3. Robert Fowler says:

    Worked fine Paul. Thanks.

  4. Paul Olsen says:

    Paul – I totally forgot about signing up as a subscriber – please add me onto the list

  5. paul rabone says:

    Whoops. I also forgot. It’s the best Sunday morning read on here.

  6. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thanks Paul – I’ve just added your name and those of Paul Olsen and Colin to the subsrciber’s list.

    A thank as well to those of you who replied to me saying that you had received the message and were able to read the latest entry – there is the odd teething problem, but I’ll be sending my piece on the Reading out via the subsriber’s list on Tuesday.

  7. Adrian LLoyd Pickrell says:

    Whoops I oversaw this. Please add me to the list of gallant subscribers too please Paul.

  8. Richard Holt says:

    Hi Paul. Add me to the list too. Richard

  9. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Just added you and Adrian to the list Richard.

    Thanks both.

  10. Mike Toozer says:

    Hi Paul
    Can you please add me to the subscribers list. Mike

  11. Paul Wood says:

    Please add me to your subscribers list. Really enjoy your reports. Cheers

  12. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Sorry Paul, i only came across your message after I posted my piece on the Hull game to subscribers, but you’re on the list now and you#ll be getting everything from now on.

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