Possible Hammam return update.

At the end of yesterday’s piece I said that it could well take more than just a club statement on the official site to quash speculation about a possible return to the club for Sam Hammam, but there was another one on there yesterday as Chairman Datuk Chan Tien Ghee (TG) had his say on the matter and it has to be said that, on the face of it, the odds on our former owner returning to the club have now lengthened considerably.  The part in the statement that leaps out to me is where TG speaks in such strong terms about comments made concerning Sam Hammam coming back which are “unhelpful, misfounded, inaccurate and self serving”.

Now, I suppose that there is the chance that TG is talking about the media speculation accompanying the story there rather than what our former owner actually said, but, either way, he has set out in clear terms that, as far as he is concerned, any future meeting between him and Sam Hammam will be in the company of the club’s solicitor and will be about ways of resolving the Langston debt.

The club also had a meeting with Supporters Trust representatives yesterday in which it was said that every monthly payment due to Langston in line with an agreement between the two parties from late last year has gone through. It has been claimed by some “in the know” posters that this was not happening, but for now it seems right to accept what the club are saying and that, even if the deal has not been “rubber stamped” as was claimed by media Wales journalists on Thursday, it has not stopped City from meeting their requirements.

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