Cardiff return from clicheland with the points to go second.

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4 Responses to Cardiff return from clicheland with the points to go second.

  1. Jeff Blight says:

    Cheers for that again Paul and thanks for your opinion on the next Wales manager.

    This squad does seem to be resilient and compares favourably with our promotion winning squad under Malky. If anything it seems to have more depth which is as well with all the injuries and suspensions. Let’s hope all the missing players return sooon and we can start playing with a bit more flair as per the Leeds and Villa games.

  2. russell roberts says:

    Cheers Paul , I forced myself to listen to the game on the radio , eeek , it was tough going , those away fans in my view are heroes watching these types of games ,should get awarded a free away game as a thank you .

    It sounded like Manga had a good game ,Ward and Bryson ran there socks off without much quality , Patterson seems a big effort player and adds grunt in the box with his power .

    Found Sky’s, highlights very one sided , yes Barnsley has a lot of possession especially in the first half , I did think though in the later of the first half and certainty in the Second half we did have a go and attacking spells ,unless the radio wales team made it all up .

    I just dont get why Fred did not come on earlier in this game and Saturday’s especially as Warnock admitted Ward had run himself in the ground ?

    The team does look a together unit , you could see that from the goal celebration and by their sterling defensive efforts .

    I have a view that sides that go up deliver these types of result ,lets be fair we are without our two dangerous championship forwards in Zohore and MWL , we have lost the use of up and coming Bogle ,Gunnerson our engine is only now getting back into it ,and were second ,sounds favorable to me

    We will be top by Sunday night ( you have to dream)

  3. Anthony O'Brien says:

    There seems to be a growing sense that Gounongbe is a far better centre forward than was generally accepted, and I find that very satisfying. I haven’t had time or inclination to watch the full match, but I’ve looked at the highlights and the last fifteen minutes or so of the second half, specifically because I wanted to see if the encouraging comments the wireless commentators had made about him were justified. Despite the short appearance time I was not disappointed. He won some balls in the air and made a few cute headers to bring others into play, his hold-up work was good. and he revealed the ability to slide a pass with correct pace and accuracy. In short, he actually led the line. Above all, perhaps, he has a striker’s instinct to get close to the goal and challenge for crosses without fear. If you look at the build-up to Paterson’s goal, you will see Fred rising to meet the ball in an area where he was likely to be clattered. I know he didn’t get his head to it, but he was certainly in the danger area. No doubt he is as rusty as my Standard Ten now crumbling in its damp shed, but just as I hope the car will, in time, be improved, I believe that if Fred could get a run of games he would also show the improvement which would help the Cardiff City cause no end.

  4. The other Bob Wilson says:

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Jeff, it had not really dawned on my how much depth we have to the squad until this recent run of injuries during which it seems to me that the starting eleven can look relatively weak at times, but then you look at the bench and realise we still have good cover for most positions.
    Russell, Wolves’ win last night means you won’t see your dream fulfilled, but these last few days have send out a bit of a signal to the rest of the Championship that we could well be up there for the duration. Although the way we play the game is different, I can see similarities with Huddersfield last season when I think that there was a realisation about this time in the season that they weren’t going to “blow up” – I’m not saying we’re going up, but I think we’re now in territory where our promotion bid this season has a more convincing look to it than the one in 06/07 (which I was comparing this season with a lot in the first three months of the campaign) did, I now think we should get in the Play Offs given that we’re almost half way to the sort of points total that should get us in the top six with twenty eight games left.
    Anthony, it’ll be interesting to see whether Gounongbe can keep his place on the bench when we have Bogle back from suspension and Zohore fit again – I think Warnock might be tempted to go with three strikers on the bench because you can do that and still have cover for other areas of the pitch when you can choose seven subs.

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